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    Very strange yellow spots - Help needed

    ACDC clones grown outdoors in Oregon. MG Moisture Control soil in 6 gal pots. Havent checked pH yet but plants have been in MG for 5 days and these spots started showing up. Any ideas? Could just be sunburn as I did get water on the leaves as they were in direct sun for 6 hours. Thanks!
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    Please help us. White widow in distress! Combo!? Aphids/pyrex/heat/nutes?

    Hello and please help, My friend contacted me with this issues, please have a look and give us some advice. Here is the history as I know it: Around 8 weeks old. Strain: White Widow started from seed. Pottingsoil with expandend clay/LECA. Location: Balcony. Problem started with minor...
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    Sunburn? What do you think?

    SUNBURN ?? What do you think? thank you, more details in my blog & previous posts/threads
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