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  1. 60's Old Timer

    Scotts Miracle Grow Purchases General Hydroponics, Sunlight Supply And Others

    MODERATOR: Please delete if inappropriate Note that I am new to the 420 Forums but not MJ Grows & MMJ. I have heard for years about the Scotts products & especially their Miracle Grow being like "poison" to our grows. There are 20+ links to this topic, so below I just pasted one if you want...
  2. WizHigh

    So You Want the Sun in Your Grow Room eh! Well Read This!

    We all want the sun to be in our grow room but physics wont allow that. Beside burn us all its not possible. So we purchase lights that we here and think are the best. Ive recently added a forum about this ( Lumens Vs Color Temp? ) and now I have something more that will blow your mind and make...
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