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  1. Birthdaycake kush flower

    Birthdaycake kush flower

    Week 7 1/2 close up of flower in sunlight with no led lighting.
  2. N

    Using a 300W LED to replace outdoor shade hours

    Hey, so I'm just entering the flowering stage with my first grow. The strain is unknown, as this plant was a free seed from a small batch of autos that didn't take. I've had the plant vegging outdoors since August 20th (late, I know. terribly new to this) in a 3-gal pot. It started pre-flowering...
  3. J

    First time grow

    I've got them in 6 L pots with potting mix. Watering them every 2nd day with 100-200 ml's of water. Got them in natural sun light for 12 hours, then under a CLF for another 6, then 6 hours in darkness. Getting my PH tester and PH up & down tomorrow. After about 4 more weeks I'll change them to a...
  4. P

    Help me plan for an outdoor grow next year

    I have a small indoor grow going now, but next year when things change around here and no one can say anything to me about a plant anymore, I plan to try outside. (I am a newb grower on my 1st indoor right now). I have a South by southwest facing hill behind my home that I think would be...
  5. S

    Indoor/outdoor lighting supplement?

    If i decide to go outdoors to induce flowering of an indica.....and only have 8 hours sunlight to work with..is it ok to add 6 or 8 hours with a timer at sunset?...thanx
  6. K

    Lighting LED & other questions - Please help

    How many watts of LED grow light (in its right spectrum for grow blue and red) meaning not a full spectrum LED light but the one specialized for MJ growing are needed per square feet? is just that most stuff i read it says it needs X amount of LED light per square feet but is not clear to me if...
  7. B

    What's wrong with my baby?

    Wilted and yellowing on one side. I thought maybe sun was burning it so I moved it to a different location with less direct sunlight. Am I doing this right
  8. G

    1st Grow - 130W LED/Outdoor - 3 Autos - Low Cost Micro

    First grow, will see what I can get in this conditions. Will try to improve for 2nd grow. Main problems: Temperarture below 20º C Low air circulation Weekends just sunlight. Will finish with these conditions but hope it wont be a big problem. 1 Baby Boom Auto - Kannabia seeds 1...
  9. M

    Advice on properly drying

    Hello I am a care giver for a patient. I'm trying to complete a room so she has access to everything. We have a hanging dryin rack with netting. I know it shouldnt be in the sunlight. Can I hang a curtain around it in a corner? Or what are the requirements for the perfect dry?
  10. Aqua Lab Tech

    New Solar Hit Pipes

    Make sure to grab yourself and a friend a Solar Hit Pipe for your Outdoor Summer Adventures. Every Solar Hit comes packed with an Adventure!!!! Solar Hit Pipe Aqua Lab Tech
  11. T

    Fiber Optic Sunlight

    It has been a while since I set up a grow room in a closet. I'm just starting to get back into it - after 10 years - and I'm researching the best lighting to use. For me, it is important that I keep my energy use VERY low and I found a lighting product that I had never seen before. I found...
  12. 4

    Help First time grower, here's what I got - Tell me what I need to do!

    I apologize ahead of time for probably not using the correct vocabulary or terminology (still a noob) This is my first real shot at trying to grow my own bud. I live in Colorado wayyyyyy out of the way so security is NO problem. I bought a plant from a legal licensed grower for $20. The...
  13. P

    Need some advice reg. what to do...

    Hi there, I have a couple of plants outdoors, and since I'm close to the equator, the days are about 12 hours and 15 minutes long, and the day length is actually increasing these days. Should this be a problem, as my plants have just started vegging. (they are actually seedlings just 3 days...
  14. M

    LED & Sunlight Combo Grow Of Think Different

    Hello, I've just gotten back from a year working in China and I intended to buy a mid range LED light ( reflector series) before I came home but at the last minute I was told that the lights were export only so if I wanted to buy them I'd have to pay to have them shipped. I got a bit angry at...
  15. X

    Lighting advice for a balcony grow

    Hi All, I am planning to start my grow in an apartment balcony at 19th floor. The plan is to start with 3 seeds of lemon haze (50% hybrid). I get direct sunlight in 7 in morning till 3 in the afternoon and the temperature around is in range 15-25 deg C. I want to know if I require...
  16. M

    Constant cloudy weather harmful to my plants?

    hello, brand spankin new to this website and a first time grower. I have four plants I have been growning outside, I planted them mid-may. all look healthy. I live in alaska so we get about 23 hours of sunlight in the summer but lately there have been forest fires which have created an over-cast...
  17. S

    Growing bag seed marijuana in the window?

    Hey there everyone. I just had a few questions to ask about a very simple first-time grow to get familiar with some of the aspects of growing. I have two bag seed I got from some shake earlier and wanted to plant them just for the experience (and the oh so anticipated plucking of a few buds)...
  18. WizHigh

    So You Want the Sun in Your Grow Room eh! Well Read This!

    We all want the sun to be in our grow room but physics wont allow that. Beside burn us all its not possible. So we purchase lights that we here and think are the best. Ive recently added a forum about this ( Lumens Vs Color Temp? ) and now I have something more that will blow your mind and make...
  19. W

    Low amount of sunlight

    Hey guys, this is my first time posting on 420 Magazine and I just want to introduce myself and say thanks in advance. Okay, so here's the deal. My first grow is underway and I realized that I really have no good place to do it. I definitely can't do it indoors so I am growing in my backyard...
  20. R

    Does my clone need 12 hours sunlight to continue budding?

    Hi there! I recently was forced to relocate my beautiful bush (not sure what genes, maybe heavenly haze?) from my outdoor location to my friends apartment. I live in Australia, so thanks to our constant sunlight my god in a pot has been thriving! It is currently aprx 3-4 weeks into the budding...
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