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super crop

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    24 hrs later super crop back up
  2. Blkhippiee

    New Grow 4th Week Veg

    Just thought I’d share the progress of my current plant. - Indica, unknown exact strain - 2 CFL lights (100 watts each) - Fox Farms Ocean Forest - Vegging (week 4) So far I’ve topped her once, and started Super cropping. Right now she’s wrapping up week 4 and is entering week 5. I experienced...
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    Some cool shot of training and what not have super cropped lightly as well . Just the shoots on outside that want to grow faster taller then middle canopy so super crop then even playing field . Learning
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    Day 43. Super crop
  6. A

    Guptilla & Clementine Kush BX #1 - Pruning & Topping Etc

    First and foremost, I am neither a first time grower nor an experienced one. I have grown several times throughout my life, but its been years. I have done my research and attempted to refresh my knowledge regarding the subject in great detail. However, I am trying to obtain additional...
  7. bluebell

    Bag Seed - Scrog or Super Crop Grow Box Journal 2013

    Hey guys, welcome to my first grow journal and my second grow. This is a hydro/aro/DWC grow modeled after stratlogic's 5 gallon buckets found here: I'll be growing from two bag seeds that came from the same bag, no idea what strain or type. My first grow is still flowering in an areo-garden...
  8. Cheesus

    Some Pre-flowering questions =)

    Sup fellow 420 users! This is my first post here and i hope that i'm in the right place (otherwise, just move this tread to the right place) Just some quick info of my setup. Grow room 3x3m Lights, 360w LED (Fim+ supercrop), 400w HPS (topping + super crop) and 125w CFL (6500k) (SCROG). Im...
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