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super silver haze

  1. ZoomZ06

    Zoom’s Soil Mixed Variety 2020

    As I wait for my super silver haze to finish up I grew bored and decided to start some new plants in my veg tent. I have 3 plants started, 1 super silver haze, 1 white widow, and 1 ace killer OG. SSH seeds have been given to me through a friend so I’m not sure who the breeder is. Th WW and AK OG...
  2. P

    Little experience, looking for some tips & advice on droopy leaves

    Hello all! Im new to growing and have a few questions regarding growing in a coco/perlite medium and water/feeding schedules. here is a pic of my setup: its hard to see but I have 2 light fixtures side-by-side. Each light is a 2000W LED, but only on “veg” power (has a “bloom” switch also, not...
  3. P

    Please help me!

    Does anyone know why this is happening to my 8 day old plants? Background: grew for 1 week in jiffy pot and transplanted earlier today (after giving vitamin B1) into 70:30 coco:perlite. I have been feeding tap water and yesterday they received the first dose of fertilizer (cal-mag...
  4. Sshbadleaf.jpg


    Why is this happening? Any suggestions?
  5. 14EB7C24-7A08-4DF3-80C4-33C5E07EFB51.jpeg


  6. Tipistroy

    Tipistroy Perpetual Grow In Coco

    Hi 420 mag folks! I started a new grow 2 weeks ago after being busy all summer. I have 5 strain at the moment and will have a few more in the near future. 1 x critical orange punch feminized (Dutch Passion) 1 x skywalker kush feminized (DNA Genetic) 1 x Blueberry feminized (seedsman) 1 x Badazz...
  7. 76B996E5-748F-4884-AD11-5D634975BC14.jpeg


    Trailer trash betty @Derbybud Still growing in height slowly no very bushy im noticing but wow this plant is huge the stalk on her
  8. 5C596080-62A3-4E95-A62E-C711022BE33E.jpeg


    Trailer trash betty aka @Derbybud
  9. 29BCC7DB-03EB-4406-939C-FFB9ED445E21.jpeg


  10. A

    Super Silver Haze, Purple Kush, Green Crack & White Widow 600W HPS/MH - 2017 Hydro

    -----------------------------June 5 2017--------------------------------------------- This is my ongoing updated often, journal in progress. I will be adding pics and updates often. I would greatly appreciate advice. I keep a hard journal but would like feed back coming from reliable...
  11. I

    First time grower seeking knowledge on growing Super Silver Haze indoors

    I am seeking as much knowledge, tips & tricks for Growing Super Silver Haze indoor. I have 6 seedlings on day 8 that are about 3.5" tall going on their 3rd nodes. I am planing to mainline/manifold to combat the height issue and also get a higher yield. Does anyone have info on the best...
  12. Protobothrops

    Super Silver Haze & Blue Dream

    This is a journal on my SSH seed found in a Dispensary eighth, and a Blue Dream seed found the same. I could name both dispensaries but I'm not at this time. Equipment - Vegetative Light - 125watt 6500k CFL Flowering Light - 2 250watt 2100k CFL 2 250watt...
  13. K

    Kr4zy - Soil/Coco - Super Silver Haze - 2015

    hey people, new to this forum, i love growing weed so wanted to join forum so i can learn more from you experienced people :) anyways i start growing 3 months back :Namaste: and i currently have 1 x afghan og in flowering week 2 and this grow journal is for the new seed i germinated which i...
  14. The Fat Angel

    Please Help - I Think One Of My Seedlings Is Dying!

    Hi guys, I'm about 10 days into my first ever grow and I have three pert, healthy looking seedlings ( G13 Haze, Barney's Farm LSD, Flowerbomb Kush ) but also a Super Silver Haze which seems to be drying out. It is wilting and the leaves feel dry while the other plants are fine. I'm using...
  15. Scungemonkey

    1st Grow - 2x Sour-Diesel & Super-Silver-Haze - Soil with LST & 2x 400w HPS

    Hello everyone this is my first post, I joined because I've recently started learning about growing and the knowledge here is phenomenal. This is my first proper grow from seed.. I took over a friends autoflowers grow before with cfl's in the flowering stage and became fascinated with the...
  16. Tinknocker711

    Update on my Grow flowering week 2

    So far So good , seems I had no ph issues or nute issues, plants look healthy thanks for any and all suggestions on my previous questions. here are some pics of my girls end of week 2 flowering The hawaiian Snow grows to tall for me wont be doing that agian indoors.Ill save the next few...
  17. Yeps420

    Yep - HPS-400w + Soil-17 Lady-Scrog-Training-Super Silver Haze-SourD-Test Grow-5/7/12

    *Yep*- HPS (400w +)Soil,17 Lady-Scrog,Training,Super Silver Haze,SourD*Test Grow*5/7/12 --Switching from CFL, 1st wave to HSP + 2nd wave.-- was: Now: Strains - Super Silver Haze from 1 dispensary clone Sour Diesel from 1 Seed # of Plants - 17...
  18. Yeps420

    1st Grow CFL 5250 Watts- 20 Ladys- SCROG+Training+Seed- Grape Krush-SSH - SourD+ More

    Hello. I go by the name Yep. 1st off. Thank you for letting me share my journal with you all here at 420magazine. I have enjoyed quite a few post here over the last few months. I decided to come out of the shadows and share with y'all my journal. Please feel free to...
  19. M

    1st Time Grow - Organic Soil Outdoors! AK47 - Chemdawg - Silver Haze

    Okay everyone this is my 1st grow my seeds could be male 50 50, I have AK47 witch I named Mandy :), my Chemdawg is bliss ;p and silver haze is Mary cuz you always need a Mary :) this my 1st1st time growing so any advice would be great, im in the 2nd week starting this journal :) What im using...
  20. B

    Delicious Seed's Critical Super Silver Haze & Female Seed's C99 From Seed

    This journal will be focusing on just two plants, the Female Seed's C99 and Delicious Critical Super Silver Haze. These two strains were chosen by the 420mag surfers, couldn't make up my mind so I started this thread and let everyone vote...
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