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    TJ's SuperSoil Apple Blossom Organic Grow Journal - 2021

    Strain: Apple Blossom from Humboldt Seed Company Effect: Hybrid (50% Indica 50% Sativa) | Average THC 26-30% Still setting up indoor grow; plan to start within 2 weeks 2/3 Dr. Earth Pot of Gold potting soil on top & 1/3 Super Soil mix from Fox Farms on bottom 5 gallon Air-Pots 2 plants 600 W LED...
  2. Q

    Kind and expert growers: Please help me with my first setup for outdoor plants

    Hi, I'm about to plant Bruce Banner (photoperiod) in 10 x 10 Gallon Fabric Pots Outdoors. I have Ocean Forest And Happy Frog Soil. And Two Bags of 10 lbs. Natures Living Soil in order to make the soil living with the bottom layer Super soil mix. The way I plan to distribute the soil mix and...
  3. Rickstertp

    Completed Blue Dream'matic Comparison Auto Grow Super Soil Vs Promix+ With LSD-25 Auto On The Side

    So this is my second grow and my first journal, so whether it is grow advice or journaling advice, I'm open to all suggestions. I had been interested in doing a grow with super soil from Nature's Living Soil, but I also have been watching Farside05's grows with megacrop and seeing his success I...
  4. B

    Finally, A Second Grow Journal!

    Hey guys, finally starting up a new grow soon. Hopefully in the next 3 weeks. Still planning things out but this is what I've got so far: 2x4x5 tent Mars & 300w viparspectra as possible additional lighting Picking up a kingbrite 260w QB as the main light Thinking of one 5 gallon pot for a...
  5. Swagymcfly88

    Completed Swagymcfly's White Widow Auto Journal

    Hello to all I'm starting my first journal so all tip and pointers are more then welcome:p #of plants: 1 Breeder: crop king seeds Strain: white widow auto Indica/sativa: 60% indica 30% sativa 10% ruderalis Medium: 1/3 super soil and 2/3 promix Veg/flower: veg week 3 Lighting: 2000watt led...
  6. Magnus8

    Abandoned Magnus8's Summer Outdoor Grow: Blueberry, White Widow, Green Crack

    Hello all, Welcome to this summer's thread. I am afraid I am beginning later than I did last year. Last year I began my journal from seedlings. This year, I was so busy marketing and promoting my new book that I've been too busy to document the life stages of these demented little girls of...
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    Garden fortified with my super soil.
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    White sage, Elephant ear garlic, Lemon thyme growing in my super soil.
  9. A

    First time grower - Autoflower super soil question

    So I'm planning on planting an autoflower seed or two.. or three, .. my problem is that I would like to visit said plants as few times as possible so I've been looking into 'super soils' from what I've read the BioBuzz all mix is too hot for seedling to begin growth in, but the BioBuzz light mix...
  10. J

    Super Soil & Organic Liquids?

    I've been growing for several years, mostly outdoor (starting indoor), using a variety of different soils/super soils/nutrients. This season I've decided to do a small indoor grow from start to finish. I created super soil a few months ago to use as my medium, with Roots Organic Original as my...
  11. Lazyblazer

    Abandoned LB's Organic Autoflower Grow

    Hi guys, new to 420 and glad to be here. I currently have 5 auto's, oldest 3 are 42 days, younger 2 are 32 days. Any "white" that may be seen on plants is just Diatomaceous Earth. In the first picture the Fast & Vast is the back,right plant. In all other pictures the Fast & Vast is the...
  12. 4

    Completed Second Grow Critical Autoflower

    So she survived the heat wave so here are the specs: What Critical Autoflower by Nirvana Seeds Pot/Media 5 gal smart pot layered with sensi soil and a 50/50 coco coir perlite mix I started this one by watering in the mixes I made after layering them in I sowed the seed about 1/4 of inch...
  13. wanabegrower

    Abandoned Organic Soil: P Express, Skywalker, Granddaddy Blueberry, W Russian, Green Crack

    What strains: White Russian, Skywalker, Pineapple Express,Granddaddy Blueberry(purple berry), and last (Green Crack X Tragic) all in seedling stage this is how I got there 24hr soaking in cup of water on 4/22/2017 then into wet paper towels in ziplock sandwich baggies 4/23/2017 after...
  14. F

    Abandoned FrOzEn's 420 Indoor Journal

    Sup People!! This is my 1st proper Indoor grow in India. This grow is semi-medical grow, as in, grown for me for smoking and for my mom who is suffering from Varicose Vein ulcers on leg. Cut the story short, here are my Information on the grow:- Seed Bank: Dinafem Strains: Super Silver, Blue...
  15. Blazinjones

    Completed Blaze's Journey Into Fire Organics: LOS Mix, Bag Seed, 2016

    high all (lol pun intended) i figured id do a journal on my first attempt into organics im doing a los mix (living organic soil) from I wana go all natural so no bottle nothing jus a plain soil mix and ssts (seed sprout teas) and acts (aireated compost teas) and plain ro water...
  16. D

    Experience with Big Rootz?

    Hey everyone, I just have a quick question: Does anybody have any experiences with the Soil Product "Big Rootz" from TheSoilKing? How did it work for you? What was The Prize?
  17. U

    Abandoned Grape Ape x Sour Diesel - SOG - Soil - Organic

    Bucket Size - 1 true gallon Medium - 25% perlite 25% coco 50% fox farm ocean forest Lights - 400w Hps cool tube Strain(s) - 2 phenos from a grape ape sour diesel cross # of Plants: 12 First grow journal not first grow. Growing out two best phenotypes from a cross between grape ape and...
  18. Outlaw81G

    What's up Guys!

    For some strange reason I feel like I a kid at a candy store! My name is Jay and I am a 28 yr old pot head from Texas. I love everything that has to do with marijuana and everyone who feels the same way about it as I do. I always wanted to grow, but I would always get terrified when reading...
  19. Outlaw81G

    Abandoned Outlaw's 1st Grow - Super Lemon OG & OG Kush - Super Soil - Indoor Grow

    What's up guys, First things first! Marijuana is my passion. I love everything about it and I have officially decided to start growing my own flowers for my ammusment. I have no idea what I am doing and I am the first to admit it. I am not prideful or anything in that nature so I ask that if...
  20. K

    Abandoned 300W LED Mixed Grow

    Hello World this is my first go around with my LED light. I have been holding onto these cherry AK seeds gifted to me 3 years ago and have finally decided to throw em in some soil. What strain is it? Cherry AK, Flubber (la plata labs), Petroleum Jelly (la plata labs) Indicas- Flubber and...
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