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  1. V

    5x3x3" grow place

    hi, i am from europe and i have planed to build out my old snake cage a grow cabinet this would be my first grow. so i have a few quations maybe some are not so smart for a few of you but i am a newbee. first i have a old cage made out of osb what would i like to use i have just to take the...
  2. Crawgal

    Recommendations for a PC Grow Home (Looking for a Computer/Server Tower)

    Hi All, I'm a long time toker venturing into the growing realm. I've been doing my research and I'll need to go with a PC grow to grow. Now I've been looking online at all kinds of computer towers, but there's a lot out there and I'm no computer whizz. I'm not in a region with access to...
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