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super thrive

  1. WizHigh

    Abnormal Unique Leaf Growth!?

    I have a plant strain unknown, it has been above ground for a week tomorow. Only a inch a half, I already has its 4th strue leaves and also branches are strting to grow inbetween the 3rd and 4th branch. The really interesting thing is that the 1st set of true leaves has 3 blades and then the 3rd...
  2. WestSideGrow

    Growth Hormone, Super thrive

    SO, here's my situation. Germing seed in a 2 gallon pot filled with fox farms ocean forest soil. I was wondering, While it's germing would there be any point in using green dot root growth hormone, and or superthrive ? A buddy of mine said super thrive would help in a low dose of a...
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