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    Super lemon haze under mars 2 400
  2. First bud site, NLA

    First bud site, NLA

    Northern Lights Auto, first cannabis grow, first budsite - very early.
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    Super Silver plant 2
  4. K

    Abandoned Grow Cabinet - New Years Flip

    Approximately 2'x3' with CLW Solarsystem 550 (400 watts) Carbon filter & inline fan will be installed soon. Until then doors stay open in an unused dark room. Plants are currently in 5.5"X5.5" containers w/Dr. Earth soil and are being fed Dyna-Gro "Grow" throughout flowering 3 Super...
  5. T

    Is my baby ready for LST?

    Hi guys My baby is officially at day 19. Its my first grow and I'm obviously super amped and probably overeager but is it ready for LST, the internodes are pretty short though?? Also there has been a few leaf curls over night , not sure if its because I switched the fan off or what during...
  6. db003

    Completed Db003's PPP Auto Grow In Super Soil: 2x4 Growlab Gl80l Tent, 600W MH/HPS

    hello everyone its me db003 back at it again I will be growing some autos in a super soil mix I had a great grow with super soil in my last grow so I wanted to do it again this grow this grow will be grown with a 18/6 light schedule from seed to harvest like all my auto grows I wanted to do a...
  7. Ian Bastage

    Broken Coast Texada Super Lemon Haze

    Strain Name – Texada (Super Lemon Haze) From – purchased from Broken Coast Cannabis When – 9/17 Price - $7.50 per gram Type – Sativa Dominant (80/20) hybrid Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze. 16% THC <0.04% CBD Appearance – Glorious big buds sticky with visible trichomes. Humidity was a perfect...
  8. M

    Experience with plants close to LED

    I hope this is in the right place but if it isn't my apologies. I have three girls going at about 4 weeks into flower. Due to poor planning on my part I misjudged the stretch I would get and the tallest buds are now probably 6 inches from the light. The plants were all topped so each has...
  9. Damonchari

    Abandoned Autoflower Mix: Outdoor, Supersoil/Coir, 2017

    Hello there Bit about myself to follow Had a bad car accident years ago and have had chronic pain and sleep troubles since. For years I used oxy, gablahblahblah.. the list is endless of narcotics and nerve numbs. The older docs had no problem giving a script but I have a nice young doc now...
  10. db003

    Completed Db003's Mars II LED, Autoflowers In A Super Soil Mix Closet Grow Ver 2.0

    Hello everyone I'm db003 and I am starting a new grow this will be my all super soil grow I made this super soil myself this time I will be growing some more autoflowers I chose 6 strains in total and 2 from each breeder lets see I got mephisto genetics 1x The white train auto 1x Sour...
  11. db003

    Completed Db003's Super Soil Chem City Devil Super Sour Lemon OG Autoflower Tester Grow

    hello everyone well its that time again for me to start a new grow! this time I will be doing some autoflower genetics testing for a friend I know from social media there brand is called "puff puff pass" they sent me 2 strains to try out I will be growing 2 of each strain the strains they...
  12. gr865

    Super Cropping Question

    I am about to start another vertical grow and have some questions about super cropping. I am familiar with super cropping as I use it for height control when needed. The question I have is where is the best place on the plant to crop. To explain a bit more, I will be vegging clones after...
  13. M

    Joint Drs Critical Ogre & Ogre Strains

    he folks! got these beans from bonza. wondered if anyone has a grow report yeild/ / smoke report on them ? supposed to be sativa dom. super autos. gonna run them indoors in my tent and in my greenhouse in a few months. thanks!
  14. S

    White Label Super Skunk 36 days 12/12

  15. Gardenseed

    Completed Mr. Leo Greens Soil Base Super Lemon Haze

    Info Name - Lemon Haze Strain - Sativa Hybrid System- Seed & Loam Grow room- 8'x6'x7' Light- HPS 2x 600w Extraction - 6" Carbon filter air scruber Ventilation - 3500 btu Air Conditioning unit Cycles Begin 2016-12-15 Germinate - 10 days, Lighting - 4' dual T8 fluorescent 24 hours on 4...
  16. Gardenseed

    Lemon Haze or Super Lemon Haze?

    I'm growing my 3rd Generation Lemon Haze that I got straight out of a quarter I bout last year. I read everything I could find about the strain but I'm still wondering if I have Lemon Haze or Super Lemon Haze. I need a professional.
  17. OldSchool 64

    Abandoned OldSchool's Pot Luck Grow

    Hey everyone..have some new girls started.Had a bunch of different seeds laying around so its pot luck. LoL LIBERTY HAZE GREEN CRACK RHODE ISLAND SKUNK WHITE COOKIES SUPER SKUNK. Hope they all get along peace!♡
  18. S

    Your top 5 favorite strains

    Hey everyone. New here and just starting up a topic. Just wondering everyone's favorites on here. I knew only 1 would be hard for most if not all, so 5 should be enough for most. Please list more if you want. Sleepingdragon's Fav 5 (In no particular order) Super Silver Haze, Titan OG...
  19. db003

    Completed Db003's Mars Pro II 320, Multi Autoflower Strains In Super Soil, Closet Grow

    Hello everyone I'm db003 and I am starting a new grow this will be my first all super soil grow I made this super soil myself this was the smaller batch I made first it was made with one bag of 1.5 cubic feet bag of Dr. earth pot of gold all purpose potting soil plus some perlite I added and the...
  20. F

    8 weeks from seed

    first grow did some lst how long should i wait to flower? Super bushy using 600w HPS and fimmed 2 weeks ago thx!
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