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  1. lilsnow

    Lilsnow: White Widow, 2nd Cabinet Grow

    It's been a long time my friends, Work had me traveling a lot so I wasn't home enough to take care of a grow. That has thankfully changed so it was the perfect chance to attempt my second grow. You can see my first one in my signature, I purchased a 600 W HPS supercloset second hand. For this...
  2. P

    SuperLocker honest advice Please

    420Mag community: I have been lurking for weeks, trying to get a handle on all of the necessary information regarding stealthy grow box systems. What I am looking for is a TRUE, HONEST, hopefully FIRST-PERSON review of the SuperLocker from SuperCloset. I KNOW that you can build a grow box and...
  3. O


    I'd like to share an interaction I had with the folks at SuperCloset (Grow Boxes | Grow Rooms | Hydroponic Grow Systems) today in hopes of helping others avoid the pitfalls of conducting business with this company. ---------- Original Email: My wife and I will be relocating to Oregon in a...
  4. B

    Kills's Hydro Trinity Supercloset Deluxe 2.0 Grow First Grow Help

    I'm starting a grow with a deluxe 2.0 am currently waiting on it to be shipped but have already ordered my seeds from the seed centre...anybody got any reviews about them or these seeds:Seeds Barney's Farm - Pineapple Chunk Lowlife - Automatic Blueberry Next Generation - Dynamite Reserva...
  5. G

    BubbleFlowBuckets Review Grow Journal

    I've got a couple-three years in the grow game and finally decided to do one of these grow journals. I've been a hydro guy my entire run. I've grown tons of plants outdoors in soil but indoors its always been hydro. I was in the GH PowerGrower recirculating grow buckets forever. I never...
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