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  1. GK mended

    GK mended

    Lst turned out intense but mended it and had to supercrop
  2. MsLinda

    Should I supercrop the main stem?

    This is Munchkin ... she was named because she stood about 2" tall for almost 4 weeks and then she took off. She is a Zamaldelica Fem plant. I FIMed her about 3 weeks ago and yesterday, I supercropped 4 of the lower branches. Should I supercrop the main branch and if so,at what point...
  3. C

    Slowing vertical growth due to height restrictions

    My plant was LST'd and topped so there was no room to supercrop but the thing was still stretching into week 4 of flower. I squeezed each stalk as if I were going to supercrop to break up the fibers sort of like knuckling and this stopped the vertical growth. I just squeezed, no folding or...