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    Topping done wrong? Pics

    Hello all! Another year for growth adventures! Hope all of your nature friends are growing great! Going to my 3rd year growing outdoors balcony. This thread is about a feminized Sativa Gold Flame (mix between Kali afghani and Jack Herer). Shes going to her 3rd month in 2 weeks. Planted around...
  2. T

    Supercharging - Techniques & tips etc

    Mission-to push the boundrys with combined supercropping techniques.
  3. Cloudblood


    Supercropping What is Supercropping? This type of training is known by many different names: -Stem mutilation -Stem pinching -Crushing the herd -Stem-smashing -Leaning the stem over Now, there are interesting theories, methods and discussions invovling both the science and application of...