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    Help! Leaves with chlorosis and necrosis

    Hello growers! Disclaimer: I would like to say that I am a complete beginner with almost no experience growing Cannabis. This girl is an Auto Super Skunk (Geaseeds) and was put in 1L Airpot (with Biobizz Light Mix soil) after seed germination and she was going very well for around 3-4 weeks. I...
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    Leaf turning red 2 weeks from harvest in auto grow

    Leaf on superskunk auto is turning red Funny situation - I'm on holiday and gf is taking care of the kiddies, was normally under 400w hps but switched to 2x 180w led ufo's so she didn't threat about leaving it and creating a fire and to save her some dosh on her bill It's about 2 weeks from...
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    Fruit Punch - Hawaiin - Haze - N.L. - Hybrid - Soon To Other Strains

    :thumb:this strain is very well rounded stone,its great for day toking,high trippy but yet non paranoia effects due to haze.tastes fruity/skunky but yet a liitle nuetral at taste until exhale then it hangs on ur pallet/tounge for a bit.great for stress/anxiety,gives cotton mouth like a...
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    SuperSkunk harvest day photos

    Hi, So few days ago i was happy to harvest my first ever grow. A lovely sensi SuperSkunk tree, really... at that size i don't dare to call it plant any more. It started as a seed put in water on May 15, harvest too place on October 23. I have to ad than last month of it's life was not blessed...
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    Low temperature & palnt not close to be harvested

    Hello shiny happy people, I have a huge SuperSkunk tree growing in my greenhouse, i could see some very very light yellowing in trichomes but i understand it's not close to being harvested. I fear then in week temperatures are going to hit steady minuses and my two heaters wont be do enough...
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