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  1. Agemon

    Sour OG Clones Indoor Soil - 2017

    Well, here goes...! I picked up a few Sour OG clones about a week ago. Unfortunately, one of the ladies was damaged in transport so I immediately tried the cloning method I'm familiar with and put her in a Bio-Dome. She has been in there for 10 days now and I'm not sure if she's rooting, but...
  2. Nutria

    Can't get rid of root rot & slime - Superthrive?

    Hello growers! I have germinated 4 Seeds and put em in a 4 gal dwc bucket to grow a bit before going into the definitive system. I keep facing root rot and since also some slime. It is a white bucket but I made it lightproof with black tape and then another layer of American tape (duct...