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  1. N

    Fairly New - Need Advice

    So I'm just beginning my first grow and have everything coming in at the moment. 27"x27"x64" inch Grow tent, 600w LED light, using FoxFarm organic soil, and I have two seeds that are Germinating at the moment as well. I have been looking through the forums and have seen a lot of people speaking...
  2. Oldbear

    All About Terpene Supplements - Holy Grail Thread Spin-off

    This is a new thread created by popular demand :) Terpenes are available for sale from multiple retailers. They come premixed to match popular strains. They also come as individual concentrates (just like essential oils). I am no expert in this by any means, but a very interested party in...
  3. Z

    Nutrient supplements

    I was wondering, are advanced nutrients supplements like bud candy, overdrive, big bud, etc. worth purchasing and putting into your line up? or is it just a waste of money?
  4. B

    Thoughts, reciepes, KNOWLEGE

    Nute and supplements recipes
  5. D

    R.O. help please!

    Ok everyone. I am new to this ro game. Recently moved to a place that's on well and water is bad. I am on a ebb flood and drain system. baisically asking what has worked for you? I did better this round upping my calmag plus to 5ml/gallon but curious about other supplements that are needed with...
  6. F

    Leaf Burn? Maybe - Please help

    OK, so I'm re-vegging my girl from my last grow and the same signs of something wrong seem to be showing up... I use the3 Part Hobbiest "Advanced Nutrients" Nutes with the same brand supplements at their recommended feeding doesages of 4ml/L for the 3 Part and 2ml/L for the supplements. She...