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  1. S

    Canadian LED suppliers?

    I'm looking to buy some lighting. Possibly some COBs or a quantum board setup. Could I get some suggestions for Canadian retailers? Shipping and duties are quite high ordering from the US, and the exchange rate just makes it worse.
  2. Ron Strider

    Danish Supplier Serves Up A Healthy Dose Of Hemp Product Innovation

    Bored with the usual hemp launches - granola and cereal bars - one Danish supplier is helping manufacturers think outside the box. Hemp cheese, gin, salami and marzipan are just some of its latest creations. For more on this, click on link: Danish supplier serves up a healthy dose of hemp...
  3. M

    I joined the 420 organization today - Hello everyone!

    I have recently been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. It seems to be at an early stage and I am interested in starting a 420 therapy using oil rich in CBD. I just read here some suggestions as to dosage and amounts and I am hoping someone can guide through this process from supplier to...
  4. delta.9

    RSO supplier in WA or one who will ship to WA?

    It's been a long time since I last posted, so any help is much appreciated. Looking to buy 60 grams (full treatment) of of organic RSO from a reputable supplier. All I have found are the scammer-types who post in the comments section of RSO articles and 1 supplier in CA who only ships in CA...
  5. C

    Greetings from CallieBear

    We are a boyfriend/girlfriend team looking to create a small cottage business. We are just beginning to explore all opportunities in this exciting cannabis industry. All suggestions are welcome. This is our first cannabis grow although we have been successful in growing typical gardening...
  6. S

    Help please

    how do I become a legal marijuana grower ( for large quantities) to be able to supply to doctors and pharmacies in Michigan. I live in Michigan on 10 acres of property and was thinking of growing for medical use but to supply it directly to the physicians and pharmacies. If anyone has any info...
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