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  1. L

    My harvest - Thanks to all who aided me in this journey!

    This is my final harvest guys and gals. I'd like to thank everyone who helped me get this far.. I sure am happy with what I've got in my tent!!!
  2. C

    Please help - Is this a deficiency ?

    hi i just transplant my clones about a week and half ago and they are showing some sort of deficiency im not sure what it is could it be cal-mag ?
  3. L

    Decorating grow tent?

    Hey have anyone here painted/Decorated your grow tent? I think big black box middle of my room is very ugly and I am looking for solutions. I found some wall hanging tapestry on amazon but Im not sure how that will look on tent. If someone has decorated your tent please post pics :Namaste:
  4. M

    Green Crack issue

    Hello 420 Community; wondering of anyone has advice or suggestions as to what is growing on my Green Crack plants here (see pics; i realize they are not the best in terms of detail)? The 'blackness' started on leaves and then spread to buds after a few days, not sure if it is simply a normal...
  5. K.puff&stuff

    Greetings from Canada

    Hello all Im here to learn how to grow and learn about different types of plants i'm sure i will learn lots here there so much info on this site its great :thanks:
  6. Loggerhead

    First Time Grower

    Hi Everyone, First time father here. I just thought I'd drop in and say "Hi"! Here are a couple of pics. These are my two girls; Thelma and Louise. They both are Pineapple Kush. They're about four weeks old. I'm not sure where to go from here so, any help you can provide will be greatly...
  7. D

    Too soon to scrog?

    I'm on day 32 with this Blue Dream. Is it too soon to scrog? I'm not really sure when I should start it?
  8. C

    Ready for Harvest?

    Hi Everyone, I am new to growing and I was able to successfully grow two bad seeds, to my luck two seeds bloomed and they appear to be a Sativa strain. These two plans where first planted in mid March, and they have been in the flowering stage for 9 weeks. I have checked the tichomes...
  9. W

    Female or male?

    Hi i posted a thread a few days ago about my plant's sex. I think my plant started to showing sex but i still can't be sure. There is a thing coming out next to stipules. Are they pistils?
  10. L

    Didn't pass home drug test at 21 days and I'm as skinny as a rail!

    My question is has anyone failed home tests at 21 days but been clean at 30 days? I don't have a drug test scheduled now but I have an interview Monday and I'm 99% sure she will hire me. Just like I was 100% sure I'd pass a dipstick test at 21 days
  11. Kilakev420

    First time indoor grow

    I am looking for people to chat with and get more information and talk about growing cuz nobody I live with is into it so I need people who are into it not sure how to insert a pic of my girls yet hope I figure it out
  12. G

    Male or female - First time grower

    First time grower here and super confused what my plants sex is. Through online research, Im pretty sure that one of these is a male. Just not sure if the other one is. This is week two of flowering - I let them grow/vegetate for a good two solid months. I kept a close eye on them and...
  13. M

    Hi from the UK

    Hey, just checking in, great forum it's been loads of help to me. I'm a first time grower just about ready to harvest, I'll be sure to get some pics soon in the grow section. Laters..
  14. F

    PLEASE HELP _ Droopy Leaf_DWC_Mottling

    Hi My baby has started drooping and I am not sure what to do.... I added 10ml H202 to my 25l res and have not seen any change, the roots look off white tan and there is no funky smell. So I am not sure if this is the beginning root rot. Please check my Grow Journal for any...
  15. J

    Girl Scout - Lemon Haze - Low Rider Kush

    Hello, and welcome to my grow journal. I am new to this site, and not sure if this is being done correctly. So please bear with me. Thanks. I am currently in the seedling stage as i like to call it. Each plant only has or has started its second set of true leaves. In some of these photos you...
  16. Ron Strider

    Vending Machine Sells Weed And Booze, Is Totally Not A Narc

    There's a reason why booze, medicine and marijuana aren't in vending machines in the US. Besides the whole matter of age authentication, there's also the need to make sure people aren't getting too much of it. That's why a responsible bartender would cut off bumbling drunks, and why most...
  17. B

    Destiny's First Grow - Indoor Soil - CB Dutch Treat 2017

    April 1st Sativa Dominant CBD 8% THC 4% Started from seed, currently 7 weeks in. Still in vegetative stage Promix soil with Gaia Green Fertilizer, worm castings & azomite 1 plant is in a 4" square pot, the other plant is in a 5" round pot Started with T5 Sunblaster lights and now...
  18. W

    New Aquaponics grower signing up

    New to the forum, just stopping by herwe to say hi first. I will be Starting a grow journal with tons of ?'s for ya all and i'm sure you'll have some for me. look forward to advancing the knowledge of health and wellness with ya
  19. J

    5 days into flower, how long for sex to show?

    Hey guys im 5 days into flowering after vegging for 5 weeks, im using unknown bagseed which i can tell most are sativa dominant. I used 6500k cfl to veg and now for flower im using 2700k cfl bulbs with a few 6500k peppered in... So far i can only tell 2 of 8 are female for sure and 1 looks...
  20. D

    Hello all!

    Glad to be here and hope to learn lots as I peruse the forum. I'm starting from a nearly zero knowledge base so I'm sure that there is wealth of info here to help me on my way. Cheers!