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    Taproot above surface!

    Hi all, my seedlings are in rock wool two had sprouted and are showing true leaves. two of them however have the taproot growing above the surface i took the fully out and re planted the with the eaves above the surface and the taproot down do you think this will be okay?
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    Hi I need to pot on 2 of my plants, one has what seems to be a little mold on the surface of the soil it is dark green, all I can find is info on white mold, its only on the surface thanks
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    Heat stress?

    Hey all, My grow room got warmer than normal last night and I think my plant is showing heat stress. The plant was leaning over to one side so I propped it up with stakes. Does it look like heat stress? I move the lamp (150w HPS) up a bit to 8" above the plant. Checked surface temps...