1. SweetSue

    Surgery Options - Cannabis Instead of Opiates

    Using Cannabis Pre and Post-Surgery to Avoid Opiates: The Personal Journey of Nikki Lastreto (Owner of Swamy Select) Nikki had a hip replacement following 20 years of pain. Pain that she been treating with cannabis. Her chosen hospital allowed her to use cannabis post-surgery as long as it was...
  2. T

    My first surgery after Medical Marijuana

    I had a partial nephrectomy on Friday, 8/25. While I was in the hospital for 5 days, I was only given the standard Percocet and Dilaudid of course. I am a former opiate abuser so I have a lot of fear about using this stuff. I gave my wife the prescription from brain tumor surgery so I couldn't...
  3. Anguspapa

    Hello everyone

    Good day all. My name is Eric. I look forward to reading other people's post and answering the question I can. I'm 44. I was taught the old school style of growi cannabis. Supper soil and Miracle by my father, indirectly. Back in the early 80's. LOL I'm going to be growing and using cannabis for...
  4. C

    Stop taking oil before surgery?

    Hi, I'm going to need surgery by the end of this month to remove a tumor in my lung and was wondering if I should stop taking the oil a few days beforehand. I'm concerned that maybe the oil lowers my blood pressure and that that wouldn't be good for surgery. I've been slowly building up my...
  5. count duckula

    Pre-Surgery use?

    I will be having an operation (my throat) in a few months and was wondering if it's okay to imbibe before the surgery. Anyone know if there are any problems doing this? :thanks: to all! :peace:
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