1. flytier

    My Girl Survived A Frost

    I didn't expect my WW to survive the frost the other morning. Having said that, I also didn't expect the frost the other morning. If that was in the forecast I would have brought her in. My black-eyed Susan, however, may not end up being the camouflage plant I was hoping it would grow into. May...
  2. D

    Help! I think I killed my plant in the cold

    View image in gallery I have a 5 gallon potted plant. The temperatures dropped way below freezing for the first time last night. The plant looks bad. The leaves are completely flat, and others are flat and discolored. I know it was in it's flowering stage, and the plant seemed not to grow...
  3. D

    Daydrimin's FIRST GROW - Indoor - Skunk - 2009

    Hello, guys ! Nice to meet you and Good Luck ! Grow room - /closet/ 90 x 90 x 90 cm Seeds - x 6 Skunk seeds from seed bank, ~ 2 yrs old, kept in 4 C Plants - x 4 in vegetation Lights - x 2 45W CFL Caster 7000K; x 1 Grow Lite 125W 6400K Pots -...
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