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    IL: Medical Cannabis Outreach To Explain Application Process

    An outreach group for medical marijuana is conducting two seminars in Galesburg over the next two weeks to explain the medical marijuana application process. Medical Cannabis Outreach will have free seminars at 6 p.m. March 30 and 1 p.m. April 9, both at the Galesburg Public Library, 40 E...
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    IL: Champaign Medical Cannabis Dispensary Prepares To Open, Eight Conditions Pending

    Twenty-two body bags were sprawled out in front of the Abraham Lincoln statue at the Illinois State Capitol Building on Wednesday. The body bags represented the estimated number of veterans who commit suicide everyday, according to the United States Department of Veteran Affairs; Medical...
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    Illinois: Champaign Medical-Marijuana Dispensary Expected To Open In March

    At least one of the two medical marijuana dispensaries coming to Champaign-Urbana is projected to open sometime in March. Phoenix Botanicals, to be operated by Phoenix Farms, is under construction at 1704 S. Neil St., Suite C, Champaign, and should be able to pin down its exact opening day in...