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sweet tooth

  1. rattlerr

    Sweet Tooth & CR+ Strains

    Sweet tooth from barneys farm and CR+ strain but i cannot remember the breeders name both plants are at 6 weeks of flowering and still need an additional week of time to fully mature.Plus their is an image of my Sour Diesel in veg.
  2. 1

    Indoor PC Grow Box- Blueberry Crumble- Sweet Tooth- New York City- All Auto Flowering

    This is my first proper indoor grow, I'm using a PC grow box and will have 3 different auto flowering strains growing at once. I have 1 blueberry crumble, 1 sweet tooth and finally 1 New York City. All seeds are feminised and are currently being germinated using the paper towel method. So far...
  3. SavorDank

    400W HPS 5x2 Closet

    First grow journal. First personal grow although i'm somewhat knowledgeable. I now have 4 plants. 2 are from random seeds (name it "big green") and 2 are Purple Kush clones i got from a dispensary. Using Fox Farms Ocean forest soil. I veg. them for 37 days under 400w MH with Fox Farms...
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