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    my GG#4. Still going stong her anniversary is next month 2 years together ❤. Voice strong to yours
  2. ch33ch

    Red Hot Cookies & Sweet ZkittleZ, Sweet Seeds

    Not done a journal on here for quite a while so thought i'd do another for the sake of it. So im running sweet seeds Red Hot Cookies and Sweet Zkittlez. This journal will have a pretty quick start as i am already a chunk of the way through veg. They are planted in 10l air pots with coco...
  3. Black Cali Grapes

    Black Cali Grapes

    Massive buds
  4. Black Cali Grapes

    Black Cali Grapes

  5. Black Cali Grapes

    Black Cali Grapes

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    Loving the colours I am truly in love with this plant zkittles auto
  7. Far East Buds

    To Sweeten or Not to Sweeten!

    I am a 4 year rookie at growing and have been on here for some time. (i skipped a couple years in here somewhere) I have a question I was hoping some vet's would chime in. I grow perpetual and have no issue with most of my yields. But in search of more dense nugs I thought I would increase my...
  8. db003

    Db003 Prism Lighting Science 315W CMH - Top Shelf Elite In Super Soil - 2x4 Grow Tent

    hello everyone its me db003 back at it again with another auto grow I will be growing some autos this time I will be growing 4 autos in my tent all of them are from the same breeder they are from top shelf elite and as with all my auto grows I will be using a 18/6 lighting schedule I...
  9. Herbies Seeds

    Herbies Updates 12th February 2018

    Herbies Updates 12th February 2018 Back In Stock — You can see the full listing here Top Shelf Elite Auto Gorillagasm Fems Expert Gorilla Glue #4 Auto Fems Holy Smoke Strawberry Stardawg Fems Green House Big Bang Fems (Cup Winner) Original Sensible Purple Haze Auto Fems New...
  10. L

    European Grower Here With A Second Indoor Grow!

    Good evening everyone from southern Spain ! Nice to join this community ! I look forward to your advices and expertise. Second grow here and first try with autos. The first grow with photos (Critical + and Critical Widow) have been a good learning experience but the yield was...
  11. Ron Strider

    CO: Christmas Bonuses Given, Taken Away After Police Raid Marijuana Shops

    It's a growing industry in a booming Colorado economy, but out of work employees at Sweet Leaf marijuana centers say they're having a tough time finding other jobs because of a recent raid by Denver Police. DPD raided eight Sweet Leaf locations on December 14, after a sting operation found a...
  12. Ron Strider

    CO: Cannabis Community Holding Fundraisers For Sweet Leaf Employees

    Members of Denver's cannabis community are holding fundraisers to support Sweet Leaf employees affected by the indefinite shutdown of Sweet Leaf outposts by the Denver Police Department, state Marijuana Enforcement Division and other agencies on December 14. All ten of Sweet Leaf's metro...
  13. B

    Sweet Seeds Sweet Afghani Delicious S.A.D. Auto - Pre Mix Soil - CFL 200W

    Fellas, I am super psyched for my first grow!! and as promised when joining the forum will like to share the good bits and the mistakes with fellow farmer newbies. Would love your support and love. Strain selection Based on a really short grow time available to me, I narrowed down to a...
  14. Ron Strider

    WV: Hemp Harvest Brings Back History

    The West Virginia Farmers Cooperative welcomed a number of volunteers and interested people from five states to the Old Sweet Springs Resort in Monroe County Aug. 25 to help harvest hemp and to learn more about its uses. The project was led by Don Smith II, founder, and J. Morgan Leach, CEO, of...
  15. Teddy Edwards

    Sweet Mary Jane: 75 Delicious Cannabis-Infused High-End Desserts - Review by Cannafan

    This cookbook took me into a newfound love for baking. That was not an easy thing to do. I've never been much of a baker, I consider myself a cook. There is a difference. :53: With Karin's detailed directions and steps, it made my recipe selections easy to follow and they came out exactly...
  16. Advocate420

    Week 2 - Mob, AK, Sweet Tooth - Winter Indoor 2017 Journal 1

    Opening a thread to start a grow journal. With some convincing I may stay with T5 for flowering. I havnt locked down a decision as I have a 1000w/600w adjustable MH/HPS collecting dust. This is my second grow ever. I am a mmmj patient growing for self only. Space: Mylar hand made "tent"...
  17. Bill the Cat

    Bill The Cat's Barney's Farm Sweet Tooth & Dutch Passion Seeds Auto Mazar Coco Grow

    Hi all. Hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas. Time for a new grow, so here goes. Barneys' Farm Sweet Tooth Dutch Passion Auto Mazar 2 x 2.5 Gorilla Lite tent. 1 Mars Hydro 300 watt LED 1 Mars Hydro II 400 watt LED 2 gal. sq. pots Coco w/ 35% perlite AN Jungle Juice Micro and Bloom AN bloom...
  18. B

    Second Year Indoors

    Hello and thanks for stopping by. This is my second year of growing for myself. My gear is a 4x4x6.5 flowering tent lit up by multi brand LED panels, 4in Ac inlet and 6in carbon pulled by a 390cfm no name blower. 3x3x5 nursery tent lit by 2-led panels, fan cooled and inline blower exhausted. I...
  19. fanleaf

    Fanleaf Goes Hi-Brix On 6 Auto's

    Well for this round I bring you 6 Auto's with Doc's Hi-Brix method of growing. This is a new method for me so I will be learning a ton I'm sure. This is actually my very first 100% organic grow so I'm excited for that as well. I will be using a minimum of LST but depending on early growth...
  20. weedman79

    Blue Treacle Auto

    Plant size - Small to Med Genetics - Blueberry x Sweet tooth Growth - Quick 83 days seed to harvest Smell- Sweet blueberries - Low odor except for the sweet blueberries Buds- Tight- Dense Yield- 35 grams dried- 1 plant Smoke - Thick velvet blueberries (SMOOTH) High- Indica - Good night time...
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