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  1. Piña Delores

    First Journal: DIY T5/LED Light & Grow Box

    Hey :420: firstly thankyou to everyone here, I've been lurking on and off for a 3 or so years now, and have learned so much. I feel it's high (:laugh2:) time I contributed in my own small way, while I continue to learn. So once again :thanks: all. So lets get the official bit over and done...
  2. Atulip

    Atulip's Autos - Perpetual - LED & HPS - Organic Soil - Multiple Strains

    :cheer2:Welcome to Autlip's Automatic Perpetual Adventure Wonderland. :cheer2: We'll be starting a perpetual run of autos today. The goal is to maintain 5-6 autoflowering plants and stagger harvests about 2 weeks apart. Autos were chosen so we can use a single tent setup. While we're...
  3. Sorenna

    Sorenna's - 2015 - THC Bomb Auto & Strawberry Blue - Soil - LED

    Hi yall! :Love: I got my hands dirty today. Woo Hoo! I got to open up my tent and my light after theyve been sitting around and waiting for me. Yesterday I built the tent. It measures 48" X 24" X 60". It was super easy. The tent seems pretty nice to me, but Ive never had one before so...
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