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  1. Lester Freeman

    Relaxed's Outdoor Medical Grow - 2017

    Hello 420 Magazine and Happy New Year! Welcome to my 2017 grow journal! :ciao: Our plants are getting ready for another trip around the Sun. :circle-of-love: Some are almost ready to harvest from the winter grow. We have the vegetative mother clones on 18/6 in the DP90 tent under 115 W of CFL...
  2. Lady Vadalon

    Lady Vadalon Swiss Cheese LST

    :welcome: This will be my 4th grow 3rd journal Swiss Cheese 6, Bubba White Shark 2 Hybrid - I don't know the percentage They have been in veg For about 8 weeks from clone Indoor Soil - FoxFarm Ocean Forest Size pot right now 1 gal I am using 4 foot T8s Is it aircooled?Not much...
  3. B

    Nirvana - Swiss Cheese/Reggie Bush Grow

    Wats good 420...first off big ups to all those in the mix to legalize marijuana...:adore: :thankyou:...alright, I jus sprouted my Swiss Cheese from Nirvana. My Reggie's been under 1 13 watt cfl for a week now. Yes it is possible, but im pretty sure you would not get an overwhelming yield. I'm...
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