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  1. MackMcMacMac

    Is this a female?

    Please help me determine the sex of my first MJ grow. It's only been 6 days since I switched to 12/12, but I'm so eager to know... She looks happy to me. :)
  2. Prototype kid

    Possible mold

    Hi guys I'm not sure if I'm having a mold issue here . I was in soil which took to long to dry between feeds so I switched to hydro coco yesterday .I'm on week 2 of veg
  3. B

    Any ideas what I am dealing with here?

    So I just switched to 12/12 and switched from grow to bloom, well the transition suggested amounts of GH Flora drain to waste chart (half of the chart recommendation as I always have) and for the 1st time I am getting bright yellow in the new growth, and what looks like a calmag deficiency. Help!
  4. T

    Calculating my flowering time after switching light source?

    3 weeks into flower with a cheap Amazon led light I switched to a 400 watt hps and stayed on 12/12 flower cycle. Huge difference in 2 weeks can I start my flowering time when I switched or should I stay with when I began with the led. Thank you
  5. Torst

    Crop Kings Seeds - White Widow - 3rd Week Flowering

    Hey, This is my very first grow. A few days into week 3 of flowering here in these photos. (Switched 12/12 on May 13) So far so good?!