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  1. 4

    Swollen Calyx vs Hermie?

    I know this question has been asked lots, and I've searched for the same question for more information, but as a (still) newb grower, I do need some opinions. These is an autoflowering NYC Diesel, almost 12 weeks old. They're overdue, breeder says they should be done in about 8 weeks, and...
  2. AKgramma

    Swollen nodes and red stems - What strain?

    This plant was from one of the mystery seed sent along with an order from Nirvana. I've never seen this among the photos I have seen. Every Y joint has these swollen nodes and has bright green stems. There is some veg growing out of the swollen structures. Too early to tell what they are...
  3. B

    To Cut or Not To Cut

    Hello everyone. This is my first grow, Bubblegum OG from seed. I'm at 61 days from 12/12 flip w/all cloudy and very swollen trichs. Basically, I believe that I should harvest within the next day or two. Buds are swollen, most pistils have darkened and curled, and they smell amazing. Am I too...