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  1. Ron Strider

    CO: Cannabis Symposium Focuses On Sustainability, Energy Efficiency

    The cannabis industry's thirst for energy has been well documented, with a majority of commercial cultivations burning electricity indoors because of local laws banning outdoor grows...and also because it's easier to control growing environments indoors. With over 591 active cultivation licenses...
  2. Ron Strider

    GA: State Rep. Hosts First Cannabis, Hemp Symposium

    State Representative Billy Mitchell, D-Stone Mountain, recently hosted the first meeting of the Cannabis and Hemp Symposium at the State Capitol. The symposium met to discuss the policies, opportunities and challenges of the cannabis and hemp industry within the state of Georgia. "As we make...
  3. K

    CA: Wine And Weed Coming Together In Sonoma

    The wine industry's necessary distaste when it comes to weeds is valid. Weeds wreak havoc in the vineyard: steal water, invite insects, etc. But harvesting weeds to make a profit must be every farmer's secret dream. Now that dream seems possible. The Wine Industry Network (WIN), in...
  4. K

    CO: Cannabis Symposiums Return To Denver For Second Year

    The city and county of Denver will host its second Marijuana Management Symposium in October for those who implement state and local policies and regulations for their marijuana businesses. The event will be at the Colorado Convention Center on Oct. 27 and Oct. 28. The city's 2015 symposium...