1. H

    Hybrid Garden LED GPS Hortilux powerveg T5

    HazeMan1 here, I have carefully blended a formula of nutrients using organic plant based elements, Beneficials, and other essential micro nutrients as well. But, the lighting system I have set up using the minimum amount of cost put in. That being said it took me about 8 months to compile this...
  2. G

    cool tubes

    My grow room,very small,maybe at best 4 plants. 2' X 4'. The heat generated is outrageous. Do the cool air fed tubes diminish the amount of light or lumens? Also, how much will they they bring down the temperature? I have 600 MH and HPS Is this over kill for a room this size. What would you...
  3. OldDoobie

    Vertical T-5's or Just Reflective walls?

    Hey Everyone, I've Been out of it for about 17 years, going to start a closet grow, size is: 8 ft high, 36 inches deep, by 41 inches wide Should I use a T5 panel on each side wall (Vertically) in addition to my over head light or just put a reflective material on the the side walls...
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