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  1. Jonny Fly

    Need advice on how to repair my 4 foot 8 bulb T5

    Hey fellow growers, I have an 4 foot 8 bulb T5 grow light and one of the fixtures crapped out on me. Has anyone cracked one of these open? I'm guessing it has two 4 bulb ballasts but I'm really not sure. I suppose it's not that big of a deal but it bugs me. It's not even two years old, but I...
  2. Jonny Fly

    Need a fix for my 4 foot 8 bulb T5

    One of my bulbs started getting dim then quit working at all. Before I open it up I'd like to know if anyone out there has done this before and how it was done...
  3. Group shot

    Group shot

    1,2,3,&Krinkles Top view
  4. M

    6 x AK 47 Grow Journal 2019

    Hello everyone, I am in search of a good keeper and finally decided to order a 6 pack of original serious seeds' AK-47 from attitude. I soaked them for 24 hours in a glass of distilled water, and then planted them. All 6 seeds germinated in 24 hours after planting and this is day 10: I use 200...
  5. Advocate420

    Advocate420's 2019: 2 Plant Medical Grow

    Hello ! Going to try starting a fresh journal and attempt to expand on making it useful for myself and others. A little About Me: I started growing in the last couple years. I finally have my own space to use how I see fit now and without it effecting anyone else. I call it comfort :p. I am a...
  6. MusicCityCannabis

    Music City Cannabis Soil White Widow Grow Journal - 2018

    Hey all! This will be my first ever grow so wish me luck! Starting from scratch so still have gear waiting to be delivered although I have most already in my possession but wanted to go ahead and creat my journal as I like to stay ahead of the game I'll be posting pictures soon! Seeds - 5...
  7. Calyx Hunter

    Calyx Hunter's - Soil - Jedi Death Star - 2014

    Hello evryone! I've been lurking this site for a while a recently joined. I've already learned and applied so many techniques from this site. I've grown and harvested many times under Flourescent and LED lighting and this is my first grow with HID. I'm super excited for this grow as I was...
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