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t5 lighting

  1. Greenlizard

    Greenlizard's First Grow: Purple Kush & Hash Plant, October 2018

    Well here goes nothing... I have decided to grow for the first time in order to reduce cost for my wife, and I's meds. So far all I have done is spent a lot more money LOL. Here is the rundown of my setup. I purchased a tent kit from a local shop as well as a bunch more stuff that didn't come...
  2. A

    Eek - Lighting is intimidating! T5 & HPS

    Hi! Totally new to this. I'm planning on starting my own grow room. Size: 47 square feet and planning on planting about 10 plants. or can i fit more in there? I was thinking of using 2 x 4 bulb T5 fixtures at 54 watts and 2000 lumens per bulb for vegetative stage, and then switching to 2...