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  1. Budstachio

    First Time Grow, 2x4 Tent Six Bulb T5ho White Widow & Early Miss Organic Grow

    Hey there fellow growers, I’ve been sitting silent, in the shadows, reading endless journals on here and absolutely love the amazing help everybody gets and I’m hoping for the same! Incredible community here btw, also, I’ve never in my life posted anything at all so please feel free to guide...
  2. Syko420

    T5ho will it work

    So my question is I got a sunblastrr t5ho set up would this work to get my clone to root or should I put in my flower room?
  3. V

    Introducing me - 66 y/o retired horticulturist university trained stoner

    I have a great interest in indoor lighting for plant growth. I have also been fooling around with growing cannabis for my own personal use for about 45 years. My current interest is in LED lighting. I am just starting with these LED lights. I'm relatively poor and on a fixed income but I do have...
  4. Obi Wan

    Obi's Northern Light Autoflower - Indoor T5 - Soilless Mix - 2014

    Come one, come all, to a beautiful show! It's gonna be awesome and... some other stuff. Duh dee dee dee doo dee dee dee doo dee dee doo dee. Heh heh. Some other musical stuff! -Charlie Kelly Alright pistils and stamens, here we go. Join me on my very first botanical adventure. A wondrous...
  5. O

    Ebb and Flow Tray 30 Sour Apple Clones

    Ok so this is my second ebb and flow tray set up that i am attempting so here we go.... SO it all started with my partner Quadzilla (check out his post for our current other grow....) and i taking 50 clippings of our sour apple plants and we put them in 50 2 in. rockwell cube sheet under a...
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