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  1. V

    Introducing me - 66 y/o retired horticulturist university trained stoner

    I have a great interest in indoor lighting for plant growth. I have also been fooling around with growing cannabis for my own personal use for about 45 years. My current interest is in LED lighting. I am just starting with these LED lights. I'm relatively poor and on a fixed income but I do have...
  2. Obi Wan

    Obi's Northern Light Autoflower - Indoor T5 - Soilless Mix - 2014

    Come one, come all, to a beautiful show! It's gonna be awesome and... some other stuff. Duh dee dee dee doo dee dee dee doo dee dee doo dee. Heh heh. Some other musical stuff! -Charlie Kelly Alright pistils and stamens, here we go. Join me on my very first botanical adventure. A wondrous...
  3. O

    Ebb and Flow Tray 30 Sour Apple Clones

    Ok so this is my second ebb and flow tray set up that i am attempting so here we go.... SO it all started with my partner Quadzilla (check out his post for our current other grow....) and i taking 50 clippings of our sour apple plants and we put them in 50 2 in. rockwell cube sheet under a...
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