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  1. Network23

    Ben's Horus CXB 200 Vs Black Diamond Goliath - Part II

    Day 1 - 18h* - EC 1.1 / PH 5.7 As already threatened, I would like to start my second LED run. This time I turned both tables to each other and provided both systems with only one nutrient solution tank. It saves me at least 1 hour of work and it works perfectly. In addition, I now connect the...
  2. D

    Algae on table

    Just wondering if anybody has experience algae growing on the flood table and do you do anything to take care of it? Not asking just for myself I already taken precautions this time just want others to know what they can do.
  3. D

    What kind of bug is this?

    Just got finished a harvest of white widow in a 3x3 flood table and went to take it apart and clean it and found a ass load of these crawling on the table and res. in the flower room They are really small. Have another grow in the veg tent ready to go in (and almost out of head room 12 inches...
  4. 1

    How to treat nutrient list when auto watering - Auto pot system

    Hi all. New here and first grow as well.. i'm using the autopot system for watering my plants. i'm using HESI Coco staters kit (btw i would like to hear an opinion about it if someone already used it before) i'm using this nutrients table question is while vegetating i was able to use my...
  5. M

    DWC symptom identification

    Hello first post here looking for some help diagnosing some symptoms 182 true watt led 12 inch away 5.8 ph 500ppm (tap 130ppm) Expanded stones medium 70-74 degrees day 63-67 night Water temp 65 degrees Humidity 30-40% GH bloom @ 5 tablespoons Cal mag @2 table spoons Hydrogen...
  6. D

    How you guys think about the LED grow table light

    Hello everyone ,i am newbie named David and so glad to join the forum which must be the most famous and biggest grow lighting forum flooding tons of those experting in the grow lighting,i like trying out new lighting fixtures and i bought the earliest one backed to 1998,i checked one new and...
  7. blulezard

    Master Kush deficiency fourth week of flowering

    Hi every one! I'm looking for some advices for my plant which has just finished her third week of flowering (from flipping). i have looked around quite a bit and haven't found any answers that could really help me out. I haven't found any similar pictures to compare my plant with. Areas on...

    4x4 flood table to fit 4x4 tent?

    Hey all, I've been looking to switch to top drip coco/drain to waste and have a 4x4 tent and have currently been running h/o T5 for veg with 1k HPS for flowering in 3gal bags soil @ 9 plants. Use magnum xxxl 6" hood w/ 400cfm fan with 6" Phresh 400 cfm carbon filter. Temps stay in the 72-80...
  9. nivek

    Table of contents for a journal?

    Heya folks,, i know the idea of a table of contents for ones journal has been discussed before, perhaps even solved?? I am starting a new journal and wish to provide some type of table of contents,, for the contents,, I wonder if the ultimate solution has been realized as of yet??,, i...
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