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    Leaves Curling Up & Taco-ing With Rust Spots

    Hey everyone, I just noticed my plants don’t look as healthy as they did a few days ago. I’m growing in 8” Grodan Blocks placed on top of Grodan Grow Slabs with slits cut at the bottom to help water flow out. I have made some changes to my grow tent lately (5x5x6.5 tall) so I’m wondering if any...
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    Please help! Leaves are taco folding

    my plants leaves started "tacoing" today. I just switched to flower 2 days ago. I am running a DWC hydro grow with just 1 plant. i vegged for about 10 weeks. I switched to the 600w hps light bulb 2 days ago. the temp has risen over 95f I have added another fan but still haven't been able to...
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    Leaf Curl and Weird Spots

    high all, just moved my baby outdoors a few days ago and she got leaf curl and some spots, im pretty sure the leaf curl was from the humidity dome i had over her for the first 2 days outside which made it really wet in there...if ya know what i mean XD. so these 2 weird ass looking spots also...
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