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  5. K

    NV: Sign Outside Del Taco Shows Support For Marijuana Measure

    Las Vegas - A fast food restaurant near UNLV appears to get political as a way to help business, but not everything is as it seems. A banner was outside the Del Taco at Tropicana Avenue and Maryland Parkway for two days, urging people to vote yes on Question 2. That's the question to...
  6. S

    Leaf taco - Warping?

    Hi, i am a first time grower and i have some issues with the leafs but i cant resolve the problem. My set up consists of the following: 5" INTAKE FAN 5" EXHAUST FAN OSCILLATING TOWER FAN AIR CIRCULATING FAN 400W MH VEG BULB SUSPENDED ABOUT 60CM (2FT) ABOVE PLANTS ROOT NURSE 8L FABRIC...
  7. captainhowdy

    Please help! Droopy canoe shaped taco leaves

    View image in gallery About three weeks into Veg my girls are drooping and folding up and inward like a taco or canoe. What's wrong with them? They're in soil under a 400 w metal halide bulb. I recently began to feed them general hydroponics flora nutes.