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  1. M

    Requesting Assistance Please - Bud Pics

    Greetings, I am a brand new grower. Bought a tent, in-line fan, 300watt LED panel, the whole works. Started the bloom phase on 12/25 and everything has progressed very well using the GH chemical nutes. Today, there seems to be some difference in my buds that I would like you guys to take a...
  2. I

    How does hybrid tincture potency effect my wayfarin INR levels?

    I take comadin blood thinner and I am concerned about the strength of hybrid tincture dose I can take for lower back pain and what rising effect that will have on my INR level. Any help will be most appreciated - including links to articles/research that might help. I am a new MMJ user and am...
  3. C

    Auto White Widow

    Does engine have advice on this plant I've noticed hairs are turning brown quite fast and how long may it take to harvest
  4. O

    Tiny little spots on some plants

    At some point I thought it was Calcium deficiency, I started using Calcium and NPK 20:20:20... Kindly take a look at my journal to see how things are developing.
  5. D

    My plant stem is splitting - Any help?

    Can my plant die if i take the wire off? This is my first grow lol...
  6. O

    Perfect sun?

    You may label your powerful expensive lights "Perfect Sun" but I'll take San Diego's version any day. I take it outdoors and enjoy it as much .(today a predicted 75 and sunny for example, as my kush ladies apparently do as well. We will keep company again today as the Solstice charges at us. If...
  7. Ron Strider

    Bas Rutten Believes In A Future Without Pharmaceuticals Thanks To Marijuana And CBD

    As the national conversation around medical marijuana shifts in favor of legalizing the plant, innovations throughout the industry are being championed by athletes and doctors across the country. And as the stigma of using marijuana disappears with the greater awareness of its benefits...
  8. T

    Flowering time

    Hi I've got 6 blues under 3x600w hps that are just around 6 weeks into flower.does anyone know for sure how long blues should take to flower from the day they get switched over Thanks in advance
  9. B

    New to CBD Oil - Questions about medication reactions

    Hi everyone. I am a first time poster. I suffer from PTSD, OCD, Borderline Personality Disorder, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, and extreme anxiety. Every day I walk around in a constant state of stress. I wake up scared and I go to bed scared. My body feels tense and I cannot relax...
  10. G

    Need a little help and information

    If I've stopped smoking weed Jan.1 2k17 and around Jan. 30ish I received a drug test from my job and passed (I'm 21, 165, 5'11, and fast metabolism can't gain weight for shit lol) Anyways if I was to take 1 hit off a blunt(march.26) (a roach size blunt) (regular small hit didn't hold it in or...
  11. L

    A question about oil

    Hi all, sorry if i'm posting in the wrong place, but i couldn't find a more fitting area in the forum. so here is my question. my doc has me using oil for my migraines but in order to use the prescribed amount, I've been told to build up my tolerance, which i've been doing, but the more oil i...
  12. OkieInCo

    Hi all - Great site

    Just saying hi from lovely Colorado! I live in a rv and have a small first time grow in my bathroom. I'm a bit of a lurker but I've learned so much from this site it even helps me with my vegetable crops..good job! Take care
  13. TheFertilizer

    When do you give up on plants?

    I have these 5 platinum girl scout cookies that have just been struggling forever now. Seriously I've been waiting for weeks and weeks for them to come around and I have no idea what the problem is. I'm pretty sure they're just bad seeds or something, because I have a Blackberry Kush growing in...
  14. K

    Microdosing With Cannabis

    Microdosing is a fast-growing trend not only among those who like to experiment with psychedelic substances like LSD and magic mushrooms but also in the cannabis industry, most notably in the edibles market, and it could transform the way we take cannabis for good as well. Microdosing with...
  15. D

    Danolo's Indoor Cabinet Grow

    Well, so far I only have the desire to build and grow. I have several questions before I start building this space, so its gonna take a while for me to get this rolling. I look forward to all your input, and suggestions.
  16. Greensmurf420

    Whoa! Look at that yield!

    I would like to create this thread to show off everyones beautiful yields. When I took my pictures tonight I had to share them. I know you all either grow or enjoy these wonderful plants as much as I do. So let's show them off a bit. We already have a place for pictures of nugs, and plants...
  17. Jackalope

    Cure times?

    One thing I haven't seen here is optimum cure times for certain strains. Cure times really effect taste and smell and take time. How long are your Cure times?
  18. B

    When to start new clones

    I have clone's and bag seed females flowering in the same tent, the clones are in mixed flowering stage, some look to be two wks from flush, others maybe 4wks to flush but the bag seed are defiantly sativa's and have been flowering at least for 11wks and I know are not ready, pistils are very...
  19. C

    Will I be good?

    I plan on having to take a drug test probably next week and today I am 29 days clean, I'm around 180 lbs , 5' 11" and I have been drinking a lot of water. Not able to work out due to injury. I also bought a qcarbo32 max strength drink to take the day of, do you think I will be good Thanks
  20. N

    First Grow For Me, So First Journal Also

    Just started seeds in water yesterday. Will post pics when there is something to take a pic of. Just getting this started and I'm excited to go on this journey.
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