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    Blue Treacle Auto LED Grow Shots

    Hey so this is my 3rd indoor grow as an adult. Grew outdoor as a teen and tended to em once a fortnight but nothing too serious but yeah anyway - This time round.... 6x Feminised Seeds Blue Treacle Auto Seeds. Germinated in 2in Rockwool Cubes and placed into pots on 16th July after striking in...
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    Cannabis oil with morphine

    Hi all. I have recently switched from hemp oil to cannabis oil (withouth thc, hoping it will reduce my pain. Have only been taking in for 5 days but it has taken no affect. In desperation I do have a prescription for morphine that I have never taken and wondered if anyone knows is it safe to...
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    Hey folks, Figured Id introduce myself before asking for help :laugh2: Have a few years of experience under my belt with Coco. Had taken an extended heiatus and I am now back :slide: Glad to be part of this community! The Real Wheel
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    Spotting amber trichs is a PITA!

    I have a 60x loupe and a 100x pocket microscope. this is frustrating. I think I see some ambers but when I go to focus on the area better, i lose my spot! ugh definitely see milky ones The loupe doesnt enlarge it enough. The plants are changing to fall colors and the hairs are mostly red. 9...