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  1. G

    Bag seed bud

    Strain us unknown but there beautiful and with only 2 100w cob ebay diy kit and just plane old store bought nutes Jobe's and 20/20/20 fert i know what your thinkin... wtf right? Well it only takes a pinch of the hard stuff to do it. It's all I could find so I made the best of it the pics don't...
  2. L

    Bubbling the res for autodrip

    When I switched from DWC to coco w/ autodrip I kept the airstones in the 20 gallon resevoiur. I love the setup but wonder if I need the air. I clean it every other weekend and it takes several days to get the pH to stabilize. My well water starts out at about 7.8, so it takes quite a bit of pH...
  3. Cannafan

    Suggestion category and a suggestion for member galleries

    Hello, First up, it would be great to have a category in this area that is labeled just "Website Suggestions". :) Second, I have a suggestion for member galleries I would like to put forth. It would be awesome if somehow the member galleries had a user control that allowed folders they could...
  4. P


    Hi I grew some jackhair last year outdoors and turned out great medical grade!!!!! Now I have some feminized OG Cush & going to go indoors any 1 know how long it takes from veg to flower to harvest & what nutrients are best for og cush....?
  5. S

    To top or not to top? That is the question!

    I see a lot of topping going on in the journals. My friend who use to grow in California says not top top. It takes the best bud off of the plant and reduces the strength of the bud overall. Any input?
  6. S

    Can I grow tomatoes in the same DWC as my cannabis?

    I haven't researched yet but any takes here guys?