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  1. M

    Yellow spots taking over!

    Spots - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery can't figure out what these spots are... she's almost 4 weeks into flowering, the spots start off at the tip of the leaf and gradually get worse moving down the leaf, it happens slowly over several weeks.. other than the spots tho the plant seems happy...
  2. BraicaBrick

    New England Harvest Cup 2017

    :420: December 16, 2017 Worcester, MA The Harvest Cup 2017 Plenty of vendors and growers to run into. Maybe some other 420mag friends.? All Mass events and conventions I've been to have kicked ass- lots of good people to network with. Should be an awesome competition for...
  3. H

    Just a Guy Trying To Make Dreams a Reality

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and god bless.
  4. C

    Stop taking oil before surgery?

    Hi, I'm going to need surgery by the end of this month to remove a tumor in my lung and was wondering if I should stop taking the oil a few days beforehand. I'm concerned that maybe the oil lowers my blood pressure and that that wouldn't be good for surgery. I've been slowly building up my...
  5. R

    GA: The Need For Medical Marijuana Derivatives

    Eight-year-old Aiden Whitley used to have seizures lasting 20 to 30 minutes about every two or three days. Now he only has one every month or so. And they only last a couple of minutes. Before Christmas, Aiden would spend most of his time staring at walls. He was, as his mom Jillian Bramlett...
  6. S

    Cannabis Oil & Steroid tablets

    Hi, i'm new and found myself here in a search to help my Mum. I've convinced my Mum to try Cannabis Oil to see if it can do anything to help with her brain cancer (travelled from her existing, slow growing lung and liver cancer) but she is currently taking Dexamethasone (2mg) which has helped...
  7. Cultivator

    Information on CBD oil. Help?

    I wonder if anyone can help me. I have not smoked or ingested cannabis in at least 5 years. I quit smoking as it was making me suffer anxiety. I have some health issues at the moment which is pointing towards pancreatitis but nothing is diagnosed as yet. I am weighing up the option of...