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  1. E

    J still in

    Question: Is the slang j still used or not so much when talking about cannabis?
  2. C

    Pruning Techniques

    What is the pruning technique called when one cuts the top off a flowering bud? I am not talking about fimming or topping. I couldn't find it in the forum. Thanks.
  3. B

    Light reflective properties of Ametalin

    This is the stuff I'm talking about Ametalin SilverWrap™ 1350mm x 10m Light Duty Wall Insulation It says 97% reflective, however I'm assuming they are talking about heat there. Anyone know about the light reflective quality of this stuff? I'm considering it to line my grow room as...
  4. M

    Big howdy from N. Maine!

    hey folks! came on over from AFN. heard good things going on here! started my 1st indoor weed grow about a month ago . had some issues but waira got me back on track! looking' forward to talking 'growing and strains! been gardening for 30yrs but new to weed. maine just passed rec. weed! yay...
  5. Grebs

    Gram per watt question

    So when people are talking about trying to get a gram per watt, like mine is a CMH 315. Am I shooting for 315 grams in my total grow? Per plant? Per certain area? I assume its total. So the amount of plants you have under that particular light doesn't matter? Just didn't understand what they...
  6. O

    I finally found the right place

    just checkin in, the name is ben, garden like crazy. looking forward to talking to all of you. lets plant some seeds ben
  7. C

    Is this a safe option? Cable for LEDs

    Hi everyone i was wondering if it would be safe using a y splitter pc kettle lead type plug for my mars 300 leds ? this is what im talking about. I dont want to risk anything so thought i would ask thanks
  8. G

    Hi everyone!

    Whats good!?!! Im greenmachinee and have started a new grow journal... you guys should check it out because its getting pretty lonely over here! Im already talking to myself... lol Check it out guys the link is down below!
  9. N

    What's the difference?

    Between CFL bulbs and LED bulbs?? led bulb im talking about There are two key terms pertaining to light bulbs: watts and lumens. A watt refers to the amount of energy required to power a bulb. With incandescent bulbs, the number of watts has become synonymous with the level of brightness...
  10. T

    Need Help - Simple Calcium Problem

    Greetings, I'll make this simple: I am growing hydroponically and always maintain a PH of 5.9. I calibrate every three days and both the accuracy of the meter and the PH level remain almost perfectly constant. My tap water is 120ppm. I am noticing a SMALL amount of calcium deficiency...
  11. Young Yoda

    Can I add chem nutes to compost tea?

    Or will it kill the microbial life? I'm talking full strength 1000-1400ppm.