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    New sprouts droopy and curled

    Hi guys so my new sprouts are growing tall now about 2 inches tall :) and a nice green colour I'm growing them in jiffy/peat pellets in a humidity dome under a 300 watt cfl they have opened up there first set of leaves but some of them are droopy pointing down and curled up a bit any one know...
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    1 Foot Tall Aurora Indica CFL

    Aurora Indica Feminized. 13 Weeks 3 days from seed 7 weeks 3 days into Flower. Recovering from a bit of heat stress. Using a total of 550 watts CFL & FFOF soil for this little lady. Just about 12" Tall. Has been defoliated once a week since she was 3 weeks old. I topped at 4 weeks. Results so...
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    White Widow Problem?

    Basically, this plant has been growing for 2 weeks. But it didn't have a sufficient light source other than a window with sun light. Now I have a flourescent growing light, but it looks like the plant might not survive. It almost looks as if the plant is too tall at this stage to become strong...
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    Problem with Lowryder

    Hey - I'm a frist time grower on a massively tight budget and I'm having some weird growing patterns emerging with my lowryder plants. I managed to get some professional grower's compost, decent nutes and good seeds from online but wasn't able to afford any good growing lamps. I read somewhere...
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