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tangerine dream

  1. AJGreenMT

    Tangerine Dream Auto T5/CFL Indoor First Grow

    Hi, new grower here, just experimenting in the basement in a low budget way and hoping for some support. I've been learning as I go, mainly by reading lots of great info from threads on here. I have been meaning to start a journal ever since my seeds first popped but haven't gotten to it...
  2. 3Andron3icus3

    Green Bastard's 1st Journal - Tangerine Dream Indoor Hydro - Aerogarden - 2017

    This is going to be my first grow journal. I've only grown one successful plant directly prior to this (Jack Herer indoor from bag seed using the stock LED Aerogarden). I learned some things about using the Aerogarden when growing the first plant; most importantly I learned that the LED hood on...
  3. C

    Tangerine Dream SCROG

    Thanks for stopping by! I've already got one journal following my rec grow, but I figured since I haven't seen a Tangerine Dream grow journal, (link me up if you know of one!) I figured I would make one for our indoor personal grow. Fox Farms ocean forest soil. they're in 1 gallon pots now...
  4. Greaper905

    Greaper905's Barney's Farm Tangerine Dream Feminized

    Im New to posting around here, but have been here reading and lurking mostly. Have posted on s few sites & have posted a grow progress on others. This will probably be my new home for posting my grows :) This will be my 5th Grow, 4rd Indoor. Previous grows: (2) CKS White Widow, (1) CKS...
  5. N

    Grow Cab - Tangerine Dream & Bag Seed - 600W HPS - 2014

    Figured id start one of these things...since i enjoy reading them I hope someone else enjoys my grow! I have grown before - only a single Betty Boo Auto-flower blossomed, about 16 inches high. It was marvelous. Anyways, this one is being grown in a custom/homemade box i built. The cab has two...
  6. jcool09

    LED Recirc - DWC Tangerine Dream Cabinet Grow

    I have done three complete grow cycles since my first Caramelicous journal was aborted. That effort was doomed from the beginning when I chose STG cubes for germination and the fork was inserted fully when root rot took over in my way-too-small DWC buckets. I was disappointed and went back to...
  7. SwissCheese79

    SwissCheese79's Soil Barney's Tangerine Dream - Lucy Grow T5/600W HPS

    Hello all this is my first attemt at a grow journal. I decided to start one because I enjoy reading and learning from member's journals and I would like to contribute as well. Enjoy! The Tangerine Dream is from a seed and the Lucy's are clones. What strain is it? Tangerine Dream and...
  8. Twelve12

    Tangerine Dream - Violator Kush - Red Dragon & Super Lemon Haze

    Hi guys. Going back in with another grow. This time I got 3 new strains throwing it in with the Super Lemon Haze clones. I just finished the SLH and moving on to adopting new strains. This time I got; Tangerine Dream, Violator Kush and Red Dragon. Closet grow under 600w MH/HPS, SOG method...
  9. S

    Tangerine Dream

    Sup guys ordered 5 beans from everyonedoesit.com on thu 17/12/10 arrived next day at 15:00 hrs soaked all 5 for 12 hrs in a cup of tap water then placed in between damp toilet roll on a plate covered with another plate left them in a nice warm place 24 hrs later 3 had cracked...
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