1. D

    Uniseals & tank fittings - Need RDWC build help

    Hey 420! I am a EU grower, i started my first grow in 2x 5 gallon dwc buckets, but am now about to build a RDWC system. I will contact a chiller to this system. For some reason Uniseals are only sold in the US, i can't find them in my market, i even seen aquarium guys on forums compliant...
  2. C

    DWC in fish tank?

    Hi everyone, I only knew about hydroponics for a few days, and I'm totally fond of aquaponics at first sight because I now have like 5 tanks full of fishes and all over 2 years old, so the biofilter should be no problem. But as a newbie I want to make sure to know things carefully before I get...
  3. S

    Cleaning hydro tank

    I couldn't find this in search.sorry So I read to change the water every three weeks. In a dwc hydro setup( still water tank with bubbler).i also read that roots shouldn't be exposed to light. How am I supposed to clean the tank? Night vision goggles? Or do I make a Drain on the bottom...
  4. D

    The Kind Pen's CBDiscreet: 420 Magazine Review By Doc Bud

    What a treat it is has been to use this little gem of an e-liquid/oil pen for the last 2 weeks. It's not the only one I own, not at all. I have several pens using the 510 thread pattern and even some with a 650mAh battery. Who doesn't these days? The fact that the CBDiscreet is compatible with...
  5. S

    Growing inside a tank

    Hey guys looking for stealth growing options while renting, Its a bit hard to grow in a tent or cupboard since they look so out of place, so was wondering if anyone knows of any grows inside a poly water tank or similar set-ups that I could have a look though I couldnt find anything to do with them
  6. M

    Please help: Aquaponics watering schedule?

    I'm setting up a aquaponics set up on top of my 75 gal fish tank. I got a pvc pipe at an angle with a spray bar that sprays down into the pots (with clay pebbles) and instantly drains back into the fish tank. My only question is what kind of on/off watering schedule should I use for optimum...
  7. S

    Nutrient floating in a ten gallon fish tank no fish?

    eep water culture? Well hello forum . I need to ask some questions pick some brains if you will .what i would like to do is take part of a closet and grow . What i would like to do is grow in a ten gallon fish tank with floating Styrofoam .. Does this work for cannabis ? Will this just be prone...
  8. E

    RDWC Question

    I got 2 rows of 3 buckets joined with 1 1/2" pipe do i need to plumb these 2 pipes into my nute tank or do you use a tee and 1 pipe back to tank. I will be using a mj1000 in nute tank feeding top of buckets. Was going to start today but just seen the 1 pipe from tank and its confused the crap...
  9. steppedinds

    CO2 on a timer

    I decided to hook up an old co2 tank in my tent and do not have a controller yet. it's a 4x2x5, so 40 cu. ft. i found CO2 and YOU so i'm guessing i need .06 cu ft of co2 injected, but i have no idea how much that is. ive got a 20-30lb tank with a decent regulator. my questions are, how much...
  10. jwb87

    10gal or 18gal res?

    Hey guys, Gettin close to starting here, just wondering if I could get away with a 10gal tub vs. the 18gal for 4 plants. How many gal of water do you even normally use???? 10gal would be ideal for the space in my grow cab, but if recommended I will go with the 18. Looking to start with some 3...
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