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  1. M

    Slight leave curling

    Hi first time poster here my week old white widow ladies i have noticed slight curling of the leaves i believe it's ph related. I am feeding 2 day rested tap water with a ph of 6.5 in biobiz light mix soil under leds.any ideas guys thanks
  2. F

    Tap water

    My tap comes in about 8 ph then I add ph down to 6. 3 and move to my other 5 gallon bucket. And proceed to do the same when I look at it he one I just ph to 6. 3 is now at 7 what's going on
  3. F

    PH fluctuation

    I'm growing in soil and was getting my tap water ph to 6.2 in five gallon buckets. My tap ph is anywhere from 8.2 to 7.8. Once I achieved 6.2 I started ph down on the second bucket when I looked back the first bucket jumped up to ph 7.2 then the ph in the other bucket did the same. I'm using air...
  4. 4

    LED - DWC - First grow - Leaves look yellowish

    Hey everyone, merry christmas! Here are infos about my setup Tote Setup: Plant Issues: LED: Hans Panel (it is no china led panel, it uses all CREE LED diodes, can be dimmed and has two different settings.) -DWC top feed bubbler -2 air stones with air pump rated at 300l/h -GHE flora...
  5. croptopper11

    Help me help myself and my Blue Widow

    noticed some issues again with my leaves and everyime i read about different def and excess of nutes i think yea thts the issue with mine. but i ended up reading an interesting article online about tap water and all the problems it can bring. and i literally have every single issue listed in...
  6. aceknight

    White Widow Seeds - Super Quality - Auto-Flower

    Received White Widow Seeds and after 19 hrs root busted through shell. ***(Ph tap water 5.9/using lemon & Baking Soda) White Widow Seeds by Crop King Seed Company | GlobalNewsCentre.com
  7. TorturedSoul

    How Much H₂O₂ To Dechlorinate Tap Water?

    Anyone know off the top of your head how much consumer-grade (3%) H₂O₂ needs to be added to one gallon of municipal tap water (assuming recommended chlorination levels, and a pH of at least 8.0) in order to dechlorinate it? I know it's a relatively small amount, but don't remember the...
  8. dieselskunk

    PH keeps going down no new nutes or water

    Ok I have a 20 gallon RDWC system with expanded clay for media using tap water. It has been running for 3 weeks. The original nutes were dyna-gro and hydroguard and my ppm was around 800 with tap water. About 1 week ago I flushed the system because the ph was 4.5 and I had nute lock out, pale...
  9. K

    Water Softness & Nutrients

    I am getting ready for a 'fertigation' grow, basically hydro in coco filled pots. One of my problems going forward is what to do with my local tap water, both when using as a carrier for nutrients and when just watering. It is usually between 20 and 23ppm out of the tap while it appears the...
  10. Jurf

    Who here uses tap water?

    I just measured my tap water PPM, and its floating around 350ppm. Is this going to be an issue for me? Anybody here using similar hardness of tap water? Any advice, besides getting an RO system? (Im working on it.. Its gonna be a few weeks though...)
  11. S

    Tap Root the wrong way round - Growing up & out thru the rapid rooter

    Hi everyone, noob here with the first post of many! One of the girls in the germ chamber poked what i thought was the start of a head up. turns out it was the tap root! Saw this first thing this morning when it was curled over, have been out all day just come back and it had grown a bit...
  12. HigherTheHigh

    Safe ppm runoff numbers for final flush harvest?

    hi everyone iv never used a ppm meter up until now seen alot of mixed results, some say 100ppm is minimum and some are saying 600ppm whats a safe ppm reading to no when i can chop? if the meter reading shows up a safe reading after mid runoff does then that mean all the nutes will be out the...
  13. S

    Is my tap water good enough?

    Hey All, Bit of back story. First time grower. Growing in soil in a 4x4 tent. Soil is Oregon's Only #4. Even with the small number of plants I have, watering has become a bit too time consuming. I've been buying gallon jugs of Distilled water (struggling to find R/O locally) and eventually...
  14. S

    Tap water with chlorine - Can it be safely used on plants?

    i have city tap water w/ chlorine in it . is it safe to use on plants ? i heard that if you fill a water jug and let it sit open over-night that the chlorine will evaporate and that its safe to use. has anyone tried this on they're plants, and if so how did it work out?
  15. M

    1st grow - Help needed - Yellowing tips

    Strain. Sour diesel auto/ Blueberry auto Soil. Nectar of the gods #4 and happy frog Lighting 600w metal H distance 24in air cooled Age. 3 weeks old Water.. tap ph 7 Enviro.. 75 deg. 54 r/h on a 20/4 cycle nutes.. soil blast by supreme growers 1/strength Pots. 3g cloth. Tent 4x4 I...
  16. ARCHER12

    Seedling Help!

    I have started 6 seeds in 2 in rock wool cubes - one cube seems to have sprouted a white sprout with small whitish leaves and another has a tap root that has come up out of the cube and back down into it. My questions: What if anything do I do about the exposed tap root? - Do I need to...
  17. Goodvibes93

    600 Watt Grow - 2 Random Seeds

    Growing Journal My step by step guide. Psalm 104:14 "He causes the grass to grow for the cattle, and the herb for the service of Man". Hey everyone new here! Figured I share my latest adventure with yall! Should be a good one. Supply List Seeds unknown 2x Grow tent Lights Carbon...
  18. The Germinator

    Tap water ppm question

    My tap water is 825 ppm. That's really high right? I am not sure where to get RO water but will check around. I know walmart sells water in those big five gallon jugs. Is this an option? I am setting up my hydro now. Just waiting on seeds to germinate. My first hydroponic grow. Any advice is...
  19. B

    Topping causes tap root to stop growing?

    I came across this video on youtube on this guy is saying as soon as you top a plant the first time it's tap root will stop growing. Is there any validity to this or any other sources/information that can back up this claim? The video in question at 2:27 in, The video in question at 2:27 in
  20. K

    CO: Longmont City Council To Consider Water Tap, Hydrant For Hygiene Marijuana Grow

    The Longmont City Council on Tuesday night is to consider an outside water tap and a fire hydrant that would serve an indoor marijuana growing facility that's to be built in the unincorporated village of Hygiene. The city's reclassification of an existing tap that ties in to city water...
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