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    Help! Sour D - Day 40 and I broke one of the topped main stems!

    I accidentally snapped one of my plants main stems guys, almost like super cropping but I put tape and kept it in the upright position. It just happened an he ago so I'm wondering if I should leave it straight up or put it back bent. PLEASE ANY ADVICE????
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    Venting out Window - Light and Temp Control Help

    Hey Friends, I am looking for help in venting out my window. My situation: Ø 5x5 tent with 12 COB Vero29 V7's — setup is upstairs and has a mini clip fan + 18 inch fan on ceiling of tent + 6" carbon filter/fan combo. Ø I have another tent 3x3 with 2 x T5 ballasts (2foot 4bulbs) with...
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    Canada: Reducing Government Red Tape Would Help Industry Flourish

    We hope that Health Canada's easing of regulations for hemp production is a sign of things to come from the federal government. Onerous and pointless government regulation is a problem widely noted, from Canada's auditor general to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. A small...