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  1. Germinated Seeds

    Germinated Seeds

    Put into paper towel for 24-48hrs, we have taproots.
  2. D

    Can bacteria enter a germed taproot?

    can bacteria enter a germed taproot by touching it or if it falls to the ground?
  3. D

    Touched germinated taproot with tweezers, is this okay?

    i germinated a few dro seeds and the taproot came out as i was planting the seedling my tweezers accidentally touched the taproot. will this harm my root or plant? please help!! TIA
  4. D

    Taproot above surface!

    Hi all, my seedlings are in rock wool two had sprouted and are showing true leaves. two of them however have the taproot growing above the surface i took the fully out and re planted the with the eaves above the surface and the taproot down do you think this will be okay?
  5. B

    New CKS White Widow Auto Fem Grow

    This is my first grow! Really excited about this. Ordered beans from CKS and delivery was prompt and stealthy, about 7 days later. Began germ on 4/14 at 5:00 pm using the CKS cup of water method and am happy to report a 100% germination rate! Checked for taproot on 4/17: 1/2" taproot...
  6. Bodhisattva

    Unravel my seed germination mysteries - What's wrong with my Lemmy Hazes?

    Good day to you all. Thanks for having a peak into my world. Share your experience and tips! 2nd Grow - Germination questions Its 10 days since splashdown into the water - Rockwool cube germination - steady temps around 24 to 26 degrees, ph 5.8, filtered tap water. Luckilty, the two...
  7. D

    Taproot broke at seedling stage

    Hi there im new ... i just planted my seed yesterday and until now it even came out of the soil now i checked it and it seems the taproot got broke ... will it survive ? Its all broke you know... idk what to do.. This is how it looks like..
  8. C

    Taproot has reversed direction help please!

    First time grower, and I used the paper towel method for germination. 2 out of 3 seeds have a healthy looking taproot, but on the 3rd seed, the taproot emerged from the shell about 1/8th inch, and the turns back and hugs the seed...the taproot is a U shape, and the end of the taproot is at the...
  9. M

    Problems with my seedlings

    Okay so I have been tryin to germinate my seedlings for some time now. 1 week lol. The first 5 only one cracked open & sprouted a taproot about 1/4inch. These seeds are very very small compared to the ones I have had before. So I assumed that was all that was coming out lol I immediately put the...
  10. F

    6 seeds down - No luck so far - What am I doing wrong?

    New poster so I apologize if I've overstepped some rules here but I promise I did a search. I ordered from Crop King Seeds about a month ago and since my pack of five seeds arrived, I've tried to start a successful grow. I've come nowhere close to it so far. I'll say in advance that I've done...
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