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  1. Death Bubba Full Plant

    Death Bubba Full Plant

    A full look at our Death Bubba before the harvest.
  2. S


    My name is Shane and I'm a grower in western Colorado. I've been growing off and on since I was 15, so about 10 years. I have grown in the desert of Imperial valley, San Diego, Placerville and South Lake Tahoe California. I'm in my 40s now in Colorado. I've had much success with every grow but...
  3. favorite


    long sweat medium cure
  4. J

    Where'd the smell go?

    I've grown NLA, Candy Cane, White Widow and only once has my green smelled strong, had dence buds and tasted awesome. Not sure what I'm doing wrong or what I did right once but it's always coming out not as tasty, tight and strong smelling. Still get buzzed af but not so tasty. Any ideas? Common...
  5. R

    Dartmouth's New Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens Doors

    A new medical marijuana dispensary has opened it's doors in Dartmouth. Monday was the first day of business for Tasty Budd's Compassion Club Inc., a wellness clinic located at 958 Cole Harbour Rd. According to owner Mal McMeekin, the dispensary makes it a lot easier for patients with medical...
  6. Sir Budlovski

    Bloody Skunk Auto: Sweet Seeds Strain Review

    Hi all, Budlovski here with a strain and smoke review for my recently dried Bloody skunk Auto by sweet seeds. Strain Name - Bloody Skunk From - Sweet seeds When - harvested 27/3/15 Price - not sure, bought a 3 pack of seeds online. Type - Ruderalis indica/sativa, started off...
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