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  1. Tea Foam

    Tea Foam

    So I am making the tea with a new pump, new stones and with the temp at 73-75 as recommended. They said a little foaming may occur but no worry it is from the good bacteria... this is 70% foam lmfao
  2. Tea Foam

    Tea Foam

    So I am making the tea with a new pump, new stones and with the temp at 73-75 as recommended. They said a little foaming may occur but no worry it is from the good bacteria... this is 70% foam lmfao
  3. Tea


    8-04-2020 It is bubbling like crazy in there now I want to see if that stops the sludge build up that only happened the second and third time making tea not the first
  4. B

    Good tea for PK boost?

    What up growbros! What do you guys think about a simple tea to help boost the P and K or my girls during weeks 3,4,5 of flower? Was thinking about per gallon to add 1 Tbsp of DTE Langbeanite (0-0-21.5) 1 Tbsp DTE seabird guano (0-11-0) 1/2 Tbsp DTE Azomite (for trace minerals and such) 1 Tbsp...
  5. Tea making

    Tea making

    Keep light out, Bacteria particles in, and who doesn't love a free table to put the clone
  6. Tea making

    Tea making

    I use two air stones and it does the job. When not making tea the girls get the 2 air stones.
  7. Tea making

    Tea making

    In this 5 liters I put a heaping tbls molasses and voodoo juice (this is 15ml) and a half teaspoon of great white powder. Afterwards bubble it as much as you can for 48 hours and put her in the fridge for 7-10 days
  8. Tea making

    Tea making

    This is everything I put in my tea I started using and man do I wish I had before pictures because it made a difference
  9. Plagron Worm Humus

    Plagron Worm Humus

    100% worm castings for worm castings tea. https://g.co/kgs/Gxbda7
  10. Worm castings in stocking for tea

    Worm castings in stocking for tea

    Prep fir worm castings tea.
  11. E7E86432-A5AE-4624-9672-046D9AB8D415.jpeg


    Tea time!
  12. Nothernmichskunk

    Alaskan Thunderfuch

    Alaskan thunderfuch clones 3 gallon buckets-soil 5 weeks vegg after leaving the dome 9 weeks of flower .stick dry then into brown bag another 5 days to the jar.
  13. The Vaults Comparative..

    The Vaults Comparative..

    So excited!!
  14. Michigander

    Michigander's Perpetual Organic Grow

    Greetings from Michigan! I found this forum a few weeks ago and I'm sure glad that I did! This place is AWESOME! I really like the idea of having a grow journal to not only show how I grow and what I have learned but to learn from others on this forum as well. A little bit about me first. I...
  15. Ron Strider

    Kick Green Tea Up A Notch - Cannabis Recipe

    Loose leaf tea is the most common method of preparation around the world, unlike in the western countries where teabags are the primary choice. It seems like we will do anything to avoid having to wash a dish out here. In that spirit, pre-batching a flavored syrup for your enjoyment is a time...
  16. K

    Deep water culture hydroponics

    Anyone working with deep water culture? Any one using compost tea.
  17. Ron Strider

    Cannabis Coffee Offers A Buzz With Your Morning Jolt

    Coffee is one of the most consumed drinks in the world and with your jolt of caffeine, you may also get a little buzz. And as marijuana becomes legal in more and more states, the cannabis industry is looking for new ways to cash in. You can’t find these coffee pods at the grocery store. Brew...
  18. Ron Strider

    UK Lawmakers Join Protest Tea Party To Support Medicinal Marijuana

    Several British lawmakers lent their support to a cannabis tea party on the lawns outside parliament on Tuesday, protesting against legislation that criminalizes use of the drug for medical purposes. Three Members of Parliament and dozens of patients sat down at a table laid out with cakes...
  19. Ron Strider

    UK: These Protesters Are Going To Have A 'Cannabis Tea Party' Outside Parliament

    Protesters will scoff cannabis tea and cakes outside Parliament tomorrow in a bid to legalize the drug for medicinal use. Campaigners expect hundreds of people at a 'cannabis tea party' which they've dubbed a "very civil bit of disobedience". Cancer patients and multiple sclerosis...
  20. Ron Strider

    NC: Free HempX Festival Returns To WNC This Weekend

    HempX Asheville is a free, family-friendly festival that organizers says is intended to spread awareness and educate the public about what's happening in our state and surrounding states with the legalization of industrial hemp. It includes a hemp fashion show, panel discussions, local...
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