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  1. T

    Supercharging - Techniques & tips etc

    Mission-to push the boundrys with combined supercropping techniques.
  2. M

    Pleasure to meet you all

    Hi! I'm Max, I, from the province of Quebc, in Canada. I'm a new grower, just sick of paying those high prices I guess. I'm here to find information on growing techniques as I'm starting my first plants. I have 2 small plants going on, hoping to get them to produce a lot. Hope everyone here...
  3. Toxic Fluid

    Do I scrape or do I nick?

    Upon removing the clipping from MOTHER I am presented with a choice. Usually I make the obligatory 45 degree cut and split the stem, all under the Clone-X gel. Additionally, while under the gel I scrape the sides of the stem around the circumference to remove the cuticle and expose the active...
  4. G

    Which strains are suitable for a pc grow box?

    Hello everyone :) I want to start a growing on a pc box (It's my first grow) But I'm not sure which strains are suitable for such a small space I must grow small strains like the Low Rider? Or something like the White Widow will be good also? Maybe there are different techniques for big and...
  5. T

    1st Time Out of the gate

    Hello All
  6. NACnCO

    What Is Your Watering Philosophy?

    1. Do you water a little often, or a lot less often? 2. Do you dump it in, pour it slow, aim for the edge of the pot or center? 3. How dry do you let your babies get before you give them a drink? 4. Nutes every time? 5. Have you had a bad experience with underwatering...
  7. I

    Need some advice on growing techniques please.

    Ok, so im about my 4th week into veg, my(hopefully) ladies are looking pretty healthy, but i am sort of using a poor mans grow. I have an old small book shelf(about a few inches under 5 feet tall) lined with tinfoil, and a bunch of holes drilled around it for good ventilation, with a swinging...
  8. damnyourhot

    In flowring cycle for about 2 weeks can i trim tips of plant

    its unknown unknown but its about 15-18 in tall has about 8 levels so far but not bushy leaves are broad and big color is dark its healthy i wanna trim all the leaves will this kill it or will it help it make more teirs in between eatch tier where plant joins stem is leaves...
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