1. Ron Strider

    Technology For Commercial Greenhouse Cannabis Growers: A Growing Space

    Things are evolving quickly for commercial greenhouse cannabis growers (among others doing business in this industry). For many years, this space was stagnant. However, as of late, things are picking up and the industry is changing for the better. A Closer Look at Technology From the...
  2. Ron Strider

    The Game Changer For Paragon And The Cannabis Industry

    Jayceon Terrell Taylor, better known as The Game in rap circles, has affirmed his belief in the positive properties of cannabis by joining a blockchain technology company called Paragon. Paragon, led by former Miss Iowa Jessica Versteeg, is looking to standardize and regulate the cannabis...
  3. 4

    Automated Controller

    I ran into this on "Instructables". It's for growing lettuce, but all the technology is the same for any plant: Lettuce for Life - Arduino 101 Based Automated Controller for Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Aquaponics, Etc.
  4. Katelyn Baker

    How Technology Is Helping The Cannabis Industry Grow Stronger

    Even though federal law in the United States still says that it is illegal to use, buy, sell or grow marijuana, the legalization of medical marijuana in many states is catching on. So far, four states have legalized the use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes — Oregan, Alaska...
  5. K


    Hi i just found that about this incredible product, de CannaDx (MyDx | A Device for a better life) for those who never have seen it or heard of it, basically is a portable lab specially created for cannabis and it runs with an app for android or ios. by putting a sample of your cannabis you can...
  6. R

    The Current State Of Cannabis Technology

    Technology is rapidly adapting to the cannabis industry. Whether it is working towards improvements on the agriculture side or creating cannabis friendly social media, technology is being used to solve some challenging issues in this new industry. We asked some insiders on how technology has...
  7. R

    Dispensary Next Shows Off What's Next In Cannabis Tech

    Dispensary Next, a two-day conference offices on the next generation of technology, standards, products, and services for cannabis dispensaries, kicks off today at Red Lion Jantzen Beach. Guests will be able to learn about best practices in dispensary marketing and operations across both...
  8. R

    Surna, Inc. Secures $725,000 Contract With Indoor Cannabis Grower Cloud 9 Wholesale

    Surna Inc. (OTCQB: SRNA), a technology company that engineers state-of-the-art equipment for controlled environment agriculture ("CEA") with expertise in cannabis cultivation, announced today it has secured a contract for approximately $725,000 with Las Vegas cultivator Cloud 9 Wholesale...
  9. TechnoGrower

    Abandoned TechnoGrower White Widow/Super Skunk RDWC Setup

    Hello all. I've been following these forums for a while. After a move east I'm finally able to get my room set up. Let us take a peek. My room is split into a few different areas. Mother's Area, Cloning Station, Super Veg and Flower. Each area changes things up slightly with either lighting...
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